Tomi Llama

Self Help Made Simple

Team Members: Shep Bryan, Warren Bryan, Andrew Cheek, Jason Clary


Creative Direction + Brand/Product Design + Marketing Strategy + Squarespace Website

The Scenario: Dr. Tomi Bryan is a global expert in organizational design & human development who consults for Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 clients.

Outside of her consulting role, Dr. Bryan is an author, keynote speaker, and purpose guide who goes by the pen name of Tomi Llama. Our team was tasked with designing a brand & marketing system from scratch for Tomi Llama to achieve her mission of helping 10 million people find their purpose.

The Process: We developed a brand strategy for Tomi Llama complete with a distinct brand identity, audience personas, merchandise, content strategy, and more. We also developed a marketing strategy for that prioritizes Search traffic to generate new followers, fans, and book sales. So far our work has involved much of our own team as well as Atlanta-based illustrator Ladyfawn. Additionally, we collaborate with Tomi to write & publish long-form blog articles as part of a larger content marketing effort.

The Results:

  • We have increased the volume of Tomi Llama’s organic search traffic by 2000%, hitting page 1 on Google with several blogs that target over a dozen essential keywords.

  • Tomi’s email list has grown from 0 to over 500 followers

  • Tomi now makes 2x more money per online sale with “gift packs” that feature branded merchandise alongside her most recently published book

  • Followers are closely connected to the brand thanks to a clear and relatable brand identity that spans across web, social, email, and physical goods such as books, holiday cards, values card decks, CDs, and more.


This is what Tomi’s Search Console results look like over the last 12 months. We’re delivering constant, expanding growth. For clients tackling SEO in their marketing strategy, if your results don’t look like this… we’re happy to help you grow.



“A lot of marketing agencies talk a big game. I know. I have hired many of them without the desired results I was after. As an entrepreneur and small business owner I was tired of the talk. I wanted results. Beaumonde has more than delivered. Beaumonde is not just some business we hire to help us with marketing. They are my partners in the growth of my businesses. Their skill in building a strategy that works, their creative designs aligned with that strategy, and their understanding of multi-channel marketing allows my companies to tell their stories in ways that invite the  target customer to join in the experience which is way more important than simply selling them something.”