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Onicas Gaddis, Artist |

I am very thankful to have a most amazing and innovative website designed by Beaumonde. The entire team was easy to work with and they incorporated my ideas to make my site deeply personal. I can't imagine having a more beautiful website. Shep, Caroline, and the rest of the team at Beaumonde are truly gifted professionals. They created a site that showcases years of my paintings, one that will definitely draw viewers into my virtual art gallery.  The site is user friendly and easily allows me to keep it up to date. I enjoyed working with them for many reasons - their professionalism, their wealth of knowledge, their mad skills - but mostly importantly, I knew that they sincerely cared about the success of Onicas art!

I highly recommend Beaumonde if you are looking to enhance your web presence. I have a strong sense of pride when I tell people to visit my website knowing it was made by the incredible team at Beaumonde!

Now I can art harder!!!

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Dr. Tomi Bryan, Leadership Guru |

"Over the years I have owned and operated 5 businesses. I have paid many marketing and branding consultants for work for these businesses without much return. Everything, and I mean everything, Beaumonde has done for me has been impactful. They have created websites, videos, marketing strategies, and the list goes on. All awesome. Thank you Beaumonde!"

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Mike Williams, Media Curator |

Beaumonde has been a great multimedia partner for my team at ArtsNow. The group of videographers and photographers we’ve worked with has been very flexible in giving us the best possible content to share with our audience.

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John Bryan, Woodcarver and Sculptor |

"Working with Shep and Caro was enlightening to say the least. They were exactly the real time experts I was looking for. Not only did they advise me and guide this process well, they made sure that I understood the structure, how it was all inter-connected and how I could take advantage of a new platform to enhance my online presence going forward."

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Andrew Weaver, Recording Artist |

"You guys really did some incredible work getting this website designed and running on time for the release date, I am very pleased with the product. Having this website lends a much more solid and professional presentation for my artistic pursuits. The Starred out photos, the very well put together Vlog, the sleek design of the website, everything amounts to a dope product that will stand out online. Thank you for all your hard work."

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