The Team


Shep Bryan, Co-founder

Shep is the CEO & Chief Strategist at Beaumonde. His big vision is what sends Beaumonde projects to the moon. When he’s not blowing minds and crushing client objectives, he’s probably writing a killer hook for his next hit song.

Coming Soon

Our team is expanding in 2019. More to come soon!


Jason Clary, Art Director

Jason gives life to unique stories with incredible design ideas. His thoughtful art direction powers modern brands from North Carolina to the Bay Area.

Andrew Cheek, Editor-in-Chief

Andrew is a writer & content coordinator powering the leading blog for innovative social advertising.

Beaumonde Partner Logo

The Partners

Our partners are pioneers in their own fields. Together we break new ground on EVERY project.


360/VR Images β€’ Immersive Experiences β€’ Web Development

WildEyes VR

360Β° VR Production β€’ Capturing & Sharing the Natural World in VR β€’ Educational Immersive Experiences


Augmented Reality β€’ 3D Content β€’ A-Frame/WebVR β€’ Immersive Album Art

LEVR Studios

360Β° VR Production β€’ Immersive Design & Development β€’ Custom Technology

Sollos Creative

Album Artwork β€’ Brand Design β€’ Merch Design

Do you have something amazing to offer as a creative or strategic partner in this innovative space? Send us an email and tell us why you think you should be a Beaumonde partner.

The Board

Caroline Caldwell, Co-founder

Caroline is a Beaumonde originator. She is the coordinator behind the vision, helping the team stay organized and take actionable steps towards the larger goals.
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Coming Soon

More board members coming soon.