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Dear artist entrepreneur, 
We are the website and design team that you have been waiting for. Here's why you should be excited that you've found Beaumonde: 


the Squarespace website designers of choice for artists, musicians and entrepreneurs.

We specialize in supporting creative ventures

  • We've helped dozens of artists, musicians, and creative entrepreneurs hit high notes with their websites, branding and business strategy.
  • Beaumonde is up-to-date on marketing trends in art and technology. Our clients can be confident first movers on big new opportunities.

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Your investment
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"The entire team was easy to work with and they incorporated my ideas to make my site deeply personal. I can't imagine having a more beautiful website."
- Onicas Gaddis


Investing in your future

A Squarespace website by Beaumonde is an investment in your own success - one that can change your art or music career for the better in as little as one month. It's as simple as starting with a free consultation today.


Basic Squarespace Package

+ Beautiful home page
+ Blog & SEO guide
+ Shop / ecommerce setup
+ Press Kit / CV / Bio page
+ Organized gallery for your art
+ Embedded music streaming  
+ Mailchimp newsletter integration
+ Custom domain & email address

Investment: CONTACT US

Advanced features that we offer for additional cost:

- fully custom styling and page layouts
- Event management and ticketing
- Custom product / merch development
- White-labeled supply chain setup
- Email newsletter automations
- Facebook Messenger Bot setup


The Perks of working with BEaumonde

  • Our visual artists book more shows, sell more paintings, and monetize their digital presence using social media and hands-free print fulfillment. 
  • Our musicians book more gigs, get more looks from labels/fans, and get 100% of music sales through their websites.
  • We are Squarespace Circle members, so clients get  20% discount on their hosting costs.
  • We are artists, meaning clients work with a team that understands their passions, aspirations, and work ethic. 

Translation: You get a beautiful and fully responsive Squarespace website designed by Beaumonde, one of the best support teams for artists on the planet.


"Having this website lends a much more solid and professional presentation for my artistic pursuits."
- Jrusalam

"Everything, and I mean everything, Beaumonde has done for me has been impactful."
- Tomi Bryan


What features do our SQUARESPACE webSITEs come with?

  • A complete e-commerce shop for merch, art, and music
  • Fancy blog platform that can publish directly to social media
  • Social media integrations (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more)
  • Custom graphics for web + personal use
  • Curated set of hi-res photos for each page
  • Custom integrations for music streaming, ticket sales, event planning, and more
  • Full setup of a hands-free supply chain for custom branded physical merch

We are also certified Squarespace Circle members, meaning our clients get priority support and 20% discount on annual website pricing.

Plus, when it's all said and done you'll get an instructional PDF from us with everything you need to keep your site updated and looking clean.


some examples of our work

Onicas gaddis art

Built on Squarespace. Features 360° studio shot on home page, connects directly to a third party online art store, and includes Beaumonde Art Management system to keep paintings organized and updated.


Jrusalam music

Built on Squarespace. Features custom artist graphics, an album release video, a music shop for album streams and sales, and directly links all streaming and social media profiles.


Tomi llama, lady guru

Built on Squarespace.

Steven Vaughan

Built on Squarespace.


Pricing explained


can you explain your pricing a little more?

We understand that artists need marketing and website help, but they may not be able to pay industry standard prices... so we work together with you to figure out how we can hit an acceptable price point. Yes, that's right - we subsidize our website pricing for artists

Our work would typically cost a business $5,000 to $10,000. For artists and creatives, our basic websites are more flexibly priced. For market-validated artists we sometimes even accept finished artwork as a portion of payment.

What if I still can't afford to work with you?

We offer flexible payment plans for artists who can't pay for their entire project at once. Beaumonde is all about building trust and relationships with artists. Ultimately, our clients choose to stay with us for a long time because we provide support that they can't get anywhere else.

Our flexibility means that your big vision has the fertile soil it needs to take root and grow exponentially.


Why work with Beaumonde?


We are one-of-a-kind.

  • Beaumonde is the only hybrid marketing agency & creative studio for artistic businesses in the Southeast US (or anywhere else, really).
  • Our work has literally changed the way artists are activating entrepreneurship in their own creative businesses. (Read our co-founder’s article here.)
  • We build relationships based on trust and vision, and we always place the highest value on your aesthetic.

We are specially trained to market art, music and creativity.

  • Co-founders Shep Bryan and Caroline (Caro) Caldwell are award-winning graduates of NC State’s pioneer Arts Entrepreneurship program, the #1 undergraduate minor in the world for entrepreneurial business development in artistic fields. 
  • Shep & Caro are mentored year-round by an advisory board of leadership coaches, scholars, fine artists, executive directors, CEOs and more.
  • Our team is trained to leverage modern business strategy to supercharge your business model, whether it involves physical / digital products, services, or public appearances.

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