Beaumonde Special Projects is a division of Beaumonde that operates outside of our standard services to deliver impressive results for elite clientele. We are happy to provide a personal consultation for parties interested in our Special Projects services. Book a consultation to discuss your needs, or read on to learn more.


breathtaking 360° Content

Are you looking for incredible content that your fans or customers have never seen before? We specialize in creating innovative 360° content that blows minds and boosts profit.

360° Pop Off - Ground-breaking Virtual Tours for Music Festivals and Cultural Events: sell more tickets, inspire fans and customers, offer new sponsorship opportunities.

360° Album Experiences: transform top tracks from your music album into an immersive, interactive 3D world that plays audio, sells merch/tickets, and is desktop/mobile friendly.

Virtual VIP + Fan Experiences: give your fans a look into your creative process and lifestyle with an immersive VIP experience that can be experienced from desktop or mobile.


Snapchat Marketing Campaigns

To date, our Snapchat campaigns have connected client brands with over 450,000 unique Snapchatters. Want to reach a younger demographic that is extremely active on their mobile devices? Let's talk about how Beaumonde can manage Snapchat for your marketing mix.

TourFilters by Beaumonde: viral marketing campaigns designed for touring & emerging musicians.
Geo-targeted direct marketing: boosts brand awareness and visibility with specific demographics.


Artist Management

We develop digital marketing and business strategy for artists and entrepreneurs who want to lead their industry. Think you have something truly special that the world needs to see or experience? Reach out and explain why you want to work with us and how you think we can help you.

We currently represent two artists of stellar pedigree:

Don Lawver Photography

Digital support, supply chain development, business management & growth strategy for the photographer of the largest concert photo collection in the world.

Tomi Llama, Lady Guru

Digital support, supply chain & marketing management, and growth strategy for a leading woman in the fields of leadership growth and personal development.



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