Snapchat Marketing Campaigns

Creative mobile marketing that is hyper-targeted, highly shareable, and built for your brand experience.  


Create a viral content machine. Build your brand recognition. Engage your audience with location-based and real-time promotions.


 Geo-Filter Campaigns

Beaumonde turns Snapchat's most affordable marketing tool into an incredible home run for musicians, venues, event spaces, businesses, festivals, and organizations. Now artists, businesses, and organizations alike can take advantage of gaining brand visibility through the Snapchat social media platform. Our team creates, organizes and runs Geo-Filter campaigns and Snapchat Stories that reach thousands of unique users across the country. We create custom designed creative content that your audience will love to share. We help you reach a highly targeted audience.

A Marketing Campaign that will WOW your audience!

Every Geo-Filter Campaign and Story is custom created and delivered with care from Beaumonde. We aim to provide top results in visibility while assisting you in creating a lasting experience for your audience. While we primarily work with Snapchat to explore geo-filter campaigns and stories, our team also works with digital artists, proprietary data providers, location-based marketing services, and more. All of this gives our clients amazing results no matter their marketing budget. Our campaigns have been designed to increase revenue & visibility with more efficient advertising spend.  


Custom Rakim @ AOC Fest Geo-Filter in action!

What we can do for you.

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Snapchat Geo-Filter Campaigns

Snapchat Geo-Filters and Stories give your audience the chance to interact with your brand live. Through strategic placement and custom design, the Geo-Filter Campaigns that we bring to your audience are highly engaging and deliver results. Here is what you can expect:

  • Custom Design
  • Strategically placed and managed Snapchat Geo-Filters and Stories by Beaumonde
  • Analytics for your campaign
  • Work with a local artist for your Campaign (+ additional cost)
  • On-call customer support to help with any questions or changes regarding your campaign.

Starting at $300


Snapchat Annual Management

Experiential locations are prime for Snapchat users. With an annual Snapchat Geo-Filter, your business can always capitalize on the young audience in your space. Now it is easier than ever to regularly give your audience interactive brand messaging. Your audience can have a great time, your business can boost its brand visibility and Beaumonde will handle everything so you don't have to. Here is what you can expect:

  • Monthly custom designed filters
  • Yearlong management of a Geo-Filter on a specific location
  • Analytics delivered monthly
  • On-call customer support to help with any questions or changes to design in filter.

Starting at $1000 + Monthly Fees

*Plans available fitting many budgets


Marketing Services

Looking to boost your visibility and reach a specific goal like selling tickets, downloading an app, making your content pop, website visits, etc.? Beaumonde is ready to help with your social media, geo-marketing or cross platform advertising strategy. Whatever your goal is, our team pulls the right marketing set together to reach it. Here are some marketing service we offer:

  • Social media advertising
  • Cross platform promotional strategy
  • Geo-Marketing promotion
  • Marketing campaigns tailored to your launching your content
  • On-call customer support to help with any questions or changes to design in filter.

Starting at $250

Still not sure if this is for you? Take a look at some of our success stories. Here's one of our most exciting examples below.

Brewgaloo Craft Beer Festival in Raleigh, NC 2017

We captured a few photos of the Brewgaloo Geo-Filters in action! One filter was done for the Friday Night City Plaza Block Party and the others were during the main festival (all day Saturday). With over 30,000 people in attendance at the 2017 festival, the Geo-Filters really lifted off. Let's take a look at some of the highlights! Check out the 360° Virtual Tour we did in tandem with this Campaign.

Saturday's Geo-Filter

  • 5,800 People swiping through filters saw the Saturday filter
  • Over 3,000 People chose to share a photo using the Brewgaloo Saturday filter
  • This totaled over 170,000 views with a unique reach of 106,310!

Friday Night's Geo-Filter

  • Over 360 People swiping through filters saw the Saturday filter
  • 190 People chose to share a photo using the Brewgaloo Friday Night Block Party filter
  • This totaled over 9,000 views with a unique reach of 6,444!

How does this work, you may ask?


If you or your business is interested in Snapchat marketing or innovative marketing strategies then send us an email or give us a call today. Let's chat briefly about the marketing services Beaumonde offers and how they may help you reach your goals. Whether its visibility, brand interactions, selling tickets, or more, we have a solution for you. It all starts with scheduling a conversation!


The Beaumonde Team starts every project with a consultation. This consultation is when we align our work with the goals of your business. Are you trying to put your brand in front of a large audience? Are you trying to specifically target a niche group to build brand interactions?  We may ask questions like: What kinds of marketing techniques have you used in the past? Which worked? What pieces of your marketing would you like to improve?

Each one of our Marketing Campaigns is designed to address the needs of our client whether its sales, experiences, or brand awareness. Once we have a consultation to outline the priorities and goals of the campaign, we determine the details from promotion platforms, design, timelines, etc.


Beaumonde will use the plans established in the consultation to create a customized marketing campaign that aligns with your goals. Creating the campaign may range from design, submitting the advertisements on platforms, copywriting, and more. Beaumonde also offers the ability for any individual or business to hire a local artist to work on their campaign. The artists in Beaumonde's network are ready to bring their talent to showcase any brand, event or individual in advertising.

Roll Out

Once the advertisement or Geo-Filter is created, it is rolled out according to the established timeline. Beaumonde will keep an eye on the campaign to make sure everything runs smoothly. If there are every any adjustments, questions or concerns, our team is always a phone call or email away to handle your campaign with a personal touch.


Beaumonde is committed to delivering you a campaign or Geo-Filter that you will be proud of. Once the campaign or Geo-Filter has run, Beaumonde will deliver a customized .pdf analytics report. And don't worry, if numbers aren't your thing, we will walk you through it so that you can make the most of your budget, marketing efforts, and brand.

How About Turnaround Time?

Turnaround can vary depending on the size of the campaign and time until launch. Majority of the time we are happy to fulfill quick turn around projects. Give us a call today to discuss pricing for any quick turnaround requests. 

Have any questions? Interested in our services?