360° creative performs 10x better than flat creative.

If your brand relies on social media to generate revenue and build awareness, imagine what a 10x improvement in your advertising will do for you. Our 360° creative will supercharge your funnel and forever change how customers interact with & think of your brand.

We currently offer content & campaign packages for social and display advertising.

Campaigns that truly stand out on social media.


Social media platforms are rapidly adding creative new ways to tell stories and engage audiences. We make it easy for you to use these new systems and position your brand as an innovator. Not only do you get to look good, but the ads themselves perform better than flat creative.

We tell stories on social media using:
360° • Virtual Reality • Augmented Reality • 3D • Gamified Experiences


These special campaigns are also supported by:
Flat photo/video • Flat designs • Traditional media

Social Media Ad Packages

Working with us gives you access to the most advanced systems for innovative social media advertising on the planet. With our help you’ll meet users where they already spend their time with content that captivates and converts.

Do It Yourself

Starts at $3,000/mo

What you get:
Content • Limited Support

Send us your existing ad creative and we'll build a series of immersive creations for you. You can then use this high performing creative in your campaigns.

Done With You

Starts at $5,500/mo

What you get:
Limited Strategy • Content • Limited Support

We work alongside your team to build interactive content that meets your goals. We offer limited support on distribution to help you get your content in front of users.

Done For You

Starts at $12,000/mo

What you get:
Full Strategy • Content • Managed Distribution • Dedicated Support

We create custom interactive social media content for you. We build the strategy that will engage users in incredible ways. We manage the distribution through your platforms.

Depending upon your needs, there’s a perfect package for you. Whether you want to keep things in-house on your end or off-board your marketing innovation efforts completely to Beaumonde, we will be your catalyst for massive success.

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