We make interactive album art that is a more engaging and memorable experience for fans.

Our legendary team of creators builds innovative visuals that tell a story with more depth and richness. Give your fans a deeper experience with your music and build a connection that lasts.

This world-first project for Trill Sammy was something no hip hop fan had ever seen before. It's an illustrated album cover that unfolds into an immersive world when fans visit his site.

Create something that truly stands out... Trust us, your listeners will thank you.

Here are actual things fans have said about our projects, pulled directly from our client's feeds.

“Finally some unique dope af cover art in the game 🔮🔥”
“When I move my phone the cover moves! 🤘😎💯”
“This is the new wave of art right here 🌊”

“Yo I’ve never seen anything like this 👀”

Album Art Packages


Starts at $3,000

Send us your existing album art files and we'll create an awesome immersive version that matches your concept.

For artists and labels that want to do something unique with an indie budget.


Starts at $7,500

Create a jaw-dropping design for your album from start to finish, and release your biggest project yet.

For artists and labels that are ready to wow fans with something fresh and memorable.


Starts at $25,000

This is the full package. We create unique album art for you and bring it to life with a truly incredible concept.

For artists and labels that want something truly unique and ground-breaking for their project.

Our team thrives on enhancing the album art experience for artists and fans. We use the best of modern technology to create innovative stories that are specially designed to wow fans on mobile. Beaumonde’s network of global creators is the best of the best, and we are paving the way for futuristic storytelling in the music industry using:

360° Content • Virtual Reality (VR) • Augmented Reality (AR) • 3D Creations • Gamified Mobile Experiences • Real World Immersive Activations

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Client Testimonials

“Any time we brought new ideas to the table, their attitude was always to figure out a way to make it happen. “
Artist Manager, Los Angeles
“My website too hard 🔥🔥”
Trill Sammy, Interscope Records
“Everything amounts to a dope product that will stand out online. Thank you for all your hard work.”
Artist, North Carolina
“Working with Shep and the Beaumonde team was amazing. The whole process from mapping out our creative ideas and integrating the technology into our website was executed flawlessly.”
Artist Manager, Los Angeles
“The entire team was easy to work with and they incorporated my ideas to make my project deeply personal.”
Artist, Florida