Snap Lens

NBA All Star Weekend 2019

Alie Jackson (Freelance)

Art Direction + Design + Motion

The Ask: Make a Nike + Jordan Snapchat AR Lens for NBA All Star Weekend 2019.

The Idea: To push the theme β€œOWN THE GAME” Alie used the Nike assets as if they were her own doodles (often used in her AR art lenses). She created an abstract rear facing camera lens in a 360 space. She also created a split screen experience in the selfie-cam mode with the same pattern as the 360 experience.

The Result: Alie was invited to show her work at the Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC and help VIP attendees create custom Snapchat Lenses. The experience was featured on multiple sites and was viewed over half a million times during All Star Week 2019.