Marketing Internships

Beaumonde would not be the awesome team it is without its wonderful interns. Each semester we bring on a variety of interns with a passion for further developing their skill sets in art & design, tech, marketing and business strategy. Our interns work together on team projects to build portfolio pieces, learn how businesses operate in the arts, and apply innovative thinking in everyday life. Interns will have the chance to work directly with Beaumonde's co-founders Shep & Caroline on real projects that are making a difference in the arts.

BEaumonde Marketing Internship Application Now Open!

About the Marketing Internship:

Beaumonde is looking for individuals interested in joining our creative intern team. Throughout this Spring Internship, individuals will be responsible for a variety of projects. 

These projects may include - 

  • Learning about and activating marketing ideas for
  • Working with Beaumonde's Come-Up Community through project management, design, marketing, and pr.
  • Gain experience working with real world clients via websites, marketing and branding.
  • Opportunities to build portfolio pieces for graphic design, videography/motion graphics, 360° photos, social media management, branding, and Facebook Messenger Bots. 
  • and more!


  1. Ability to research industry and provide email, social or web copy to help promote the project or client.

  2. Critiquing & presenting ideas for promoting a Facebook Community Group.

  3. Assisting with design and critique of Beaumonde and client's branding materials.

  4. Work collaboratively with Marketing team on project needs.

What we are looking for:

  1. Portfolio example (if available) of written or design sample(s) demonstrating an ability to write a blog, video, graphic design, email, social copy and/or social calendar creation.

  2. Some knowledge of social media marketing and content strategy. Experience with social media via personal accounts. Experience managing social media or running business accounts is a plus.

  3. Customer services experience preferred.

  4. Any experience with email, marketing or design software is great.

  5. Someone that is tech-minded and can learn in a fast paced environment. 

  6. Creative thinking & ability to contribute to brainstorming meetings.

  7. May be currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree or recently graduated in; Marketing, Entrepreneurship, or PR focus would be preferred


  • Internship will run through the Spring 2018 Semester and end in early May. 
  • These internships are unpaid. However, they may come with paid project opportunities. 
  • If you would like to get class credit for this internship, you are responsible for getting approval from your college. Beaumonde is happy to provide any necessary materials.
  • This internship will provide you the opportunity to learn about how a small business is run on the inside, meet talented artists, learn about the arts in the Triangle, and more. 
  • This Internship will provide you the opportunity to build portfolio pieces like designs, blogs, case studies, press releases, websites, team project examples, etc. 

Interested in joining the team? Fill out the application below!

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Applications are reviewed as soon as we receive them.
Internship positions begin at the start of the semester and last until the end of the semester, unless otherwise discussed.

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Through this internship I would like to develop my understand and ability to build Facebook Messenger Bots by...
If you are applying to the Design or Copywiting Internship, then we would love to see your skills. Please send two examples of your art/design or writing to with "YOURNAME - EXAMPLES REQUESTED" in the subject line.