Make more money selling your art online!


Sidekick helps artists MAke More Money

You are an amazing artist and you want to sell more art. You need a website. Maybe you’ve tried hiring someone or creating one yourself, but it turns out it’s not quite so easy... especially when you’re working on your art at the same time.

With Sidekick, we turn the stressful website process into something elegant and rewarding. You can finally have a beautiful and friendly e-commerce store that makes you more money.

Our team has spent years building websites for artists, and we understand the care needed to present an authentic and organized e-commerce experience. Sidekick capitalizes on our expertise and taps you into our suite of modern marketing/sales tools so you can work smarter and have more time for what you love: making art.

We have streamlined our process to quickly deliver you an authentic & beautiful website that is supercharged with awesome features. We collaborate with you, prompting you for information as needed while we work together to create an aesthetically-pleasing, stress free e-commerce shop. And don't worry, once your Sidekick website is complete, we’ll still be here to provide all of the assistance you may need to launch your art career. We've got your back.

For the Month of June, Beaumonde is running the Beta version of Sidekick! This means you can get on board with us at the ground level to get even more for less. Contact us today to find out more. 



Beaumonde has been a great multimedia partner for my team at ArtsNow. The group of videographers and photographers we’ve worked with has been very flexible in giving us the best possible content to share with our audience.
— Mike Williams (ArtsNow)
Shep and Caro were exactly the real time experts I was looking for. Not only did they advise me and guide this process well, they made sure that I understood the structure, how it was all inter-connected and how I could take advantage of a new platform to enhance my online presence going forward.
— John Bryan (John Bryan FineArt)
Shep and Caro harmonize audacious dreams with compelling action. If you’re looking for progressive support in your endeavors, I would highly recommend the Beaumonde Team.
— Laken Geiger (Visual Art Exchange)