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Facebook 360: The Definitive Guide to New Media on Facebook (Content, Advertising, Strategy, and Case Studies)

Facebook 360° is your secret weapon in 2019. In this post you’ll learn how to share content & craft campaigns that slice through cluttered timelines. Plus we cover 360 photo/video, VR, AR, 3D Photos and Livestreaming in 360. Learn how to to increase engagement, boost ROI, and create memorable experiences for your audiences without blowing up your budget.

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Yes You Can: Get Started With Experiential Content Today

In this blog, our co-founder Shep shares common concerns we hear from marketers, social media mavens, and business owners about using new media (experiential content) in 2019. Read more to learn how your business can start using new media TODAY to send your engagement, brand recall, and interactivity into the stratosphere.

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Why 360° Immersive Content is Your Best Investment in the Next 5 Years

Interactive forms of media are some of the fastest growing fields on Earth. Discover why 360° content is so long lasting, and how to use 360s in marketing campaigns, for cultural entertainment promotion, on social, and more.

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