(UPDATED) Free Guide: How To Use AR / VR / 360 / 3D On Every Social Media Platform in 2019.

This free resource will save you over 100 hours of research & discovery.

What’s up amigos! Beaumonde co-founder Shep Bryan here with an ESSENTIAL RESOURCE that will be supercharging your 2019/2020 marketing strategies & storytelling in no time.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours since 2018 keeping up with new media formats to understand how social media is adapting to the landscape of interactive marketing.

Since these updates aren’t necessarily flagship features it can be hard to keep up with them when they’re released.

Now I’m giving our blog readers access to my list for FREE… just think of me & Beaumonde when it’s time to bring your brilliant new ideas to life.

My list includes pretty much everything you need to know about your interactive marketing options on social media.

You may be thinking, “is this info even important to me?”

The answer is ครับ, Which means yezzirrr in Thai.

You could start using this resource TODAY to send your 2019 social campaigns to new heights.

By understanding the cutting-edge resources that are available for your innovative marketing campaigns you’ll begin to see huge differences in your engagement.

This awesome resource highlights every interactive media option that you can activate on social media TODAY, including:

  • 360° content & Virtual Reality (VR)

    • 360 VR media

    • 360 VR Ad platforms

    • 360 interactive YouTube videos

    • 360 Photo vs 360 Video

    • Social media VR

    • Fully immersive virtual reality marketing

  • 180° content

    • VR 180 / 3D 180

    • FB Panoramas

    • 3D 180° YouTube Videos

  • Augmented Reality (AR)

    • AR and social media

  • Mixed Reality or Extended Reality (MR or XR)

  • 3D content

    • 3D AR ads

    • 3D Social media ads

New media offers a lot of new ways for marketers and content creators to tell stories and engage audiences. (If you haven’t thought about using new media in your marketing, you can learn what it would look like in our blog about the Playground Technique).

Additionally, below the spreadsheet I provide instructions on how to browse the various “views” as well as a written recap of the info contained here.


Social Media Support for New Media

This Airtable spreadsheet features a few different views. Explore the info and feel free to contact us with any questions.


There’s a lot of good info in this table. I’ve created a few views that should make it easier to sort. As you can see in the images, click the view list to see alternate options.

  • New Media Content Support - this broad view offers an overall look at which social media platforms support new media content.

  • New Media Ad Support - which platforms offer the most ad options?

    • Best 360 / VR Ad Platforms - Sorts ad options for 360 support

    • Best AR Ad Platforms - Sorts ad options for AR support

    • Best 3D Ad Platforms - Sorts ad options for 3D support

Feel free to email me or message me if you have any suggestions for improving this table.

I update this resource every time a new feature is added or announced on social media platforms. If you see something outdated or incorrect, let me know and I’ll update it.

Here’s a text version of the table for those of you not interested in diving into my AirTable spreadsheet. It doesn’t have quite as much info, and you can’t sort it… but it should still work.

More updates to come for Tier 3 & Tier 4 platforms soon…. honestly they’re not very viable as new media ad solutions so you needn’t worry too much about them anyway.

Tier 3: Meh.

These platforms offer minimal 3rd party support for 360. Essentially, using YouTube’s 360 video hosting you can share 360°/180° and VR YouTube videos through these social media platforms.

Tumblr, IG Stories.

Tier 4: Garbage.

These are platforms that offer no native support at all for new media and don’t accommodate 3rd party support either.

Medium, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin

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