Beaumonde VR releases first of its kind 360° VR Album Cover

Beaumonde VR proudly announces the first of its kind 360° VR Album Cover and Immersive Website for Trill Sammy (ScoreMore Shows and Mad Love / Interscope Records)

RALEIGH, NC. August 20, 2018 / BeaumondeVR / --


This immersive album cover takes fans directly inside Trill Sammy’s major label debut (No Sleep, Vol 1) when they visit

With this groundbreaking album art concept Beaumonde’s Creative Studio team takes the album cover into the immersive age with a huge statement.

It was a pleasure to work with a music industry innovator like ScoreMore Shows as we brought this project to life.
Shep Bryan, co-founder

Beaumonde VR worked with ScoreMore Shows and Mad Love / Interscope Records to create a unique 360° world for Trill Sammy’s first major project. With the album release set for 9/7, Beaumonde VR developed a marketing strategy to activate this 360° illustration across YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

This VR album cover is a perfect example of how Beaumonde is re-imagining the ways that artists can connect with their fans. With our help, artists can tap into the power of immersive storytelling to excite fans in amazing ways.
Caroline Caldwell, co-founder

Beaumonde VR is a hybrid marketing agency & creative studio helping the music industry tell stories in a new dimension.

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