The Quadrivium Project (Case Study)

The Quadrivium Project is NC State University’s faculty rock band, a research project, and a collaborative illustration of what it means to Think and Do through a combination of disciplines. We paired up to help them sell tickets to their latest shows through the creation and distribution of some entertaining 360° content.

“The Quadrivium Project’s primary directive illustrates the arts’ (music in this case) potential on campus to catalyze disparate disciplines through synchronic intellectual and creative action.”

The Approach

What The Quadrivium Project members needed was simple. Their goal: sell more tickets to their show, expand their reach, and engage fans with creative and interactive content.

Our Solution

We chose to activate their brand and tell their story using an array of 360° media. Primarily, a 360° photo and a 360° video to be both shared as part of a Facebook marketing campaign over the course of 1 week.

To view the 360° video we made for them, showing their rehearsal in full action, visit their Facebook page here.

“Quadrivium: the four subjects of a medieval university curriculum, comprised of arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music.”

Some Results

Total Reach: 22,452

Post Engagements: 8,437

Engagement rate: 37.57%

Link clicks: 442 -> 210 (Facebook ad) + 232 (Facebook Bitly)

Total Click Through rate: 1.96%

Industry Standard Click Through Rate: 0.9%

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