The Secrets To Better Marketing In 2019 Using 360° Media [Video Walkthrough]


Interactive content has already changed best practices for marketing, including the advertisements & stories that drive ticket sales and fan engagement with events.

There’s so much more to our stories than a flat photo/video. Why should you rely on lo-fi media to connect fans with your experience? (Newsflash: you shouldn’t!)

No matter how hype it is, your sizzle reel looks pretty much like every other sizzle reel for an event. You’ve got to do something that stands out!

In 2019, if you’re marketing an event like a festival or a live experience then it’s time to start thinking about how you can use media formats that tell a richer story.

Hi-fi Storytelling can be your silver bullet for growing your revenues this year. Watch this walkthrough by Shep and learn how you can make your event marketing more authentic with immersive photography

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