How To Sell Art Worldwide With White Label Shipping On Squarespace

Our Favorite Platforms Just Became Best Friends - Printful & Squarespace Are Now Integrated! 

It’s your friendly neighborhood Shep 👨‍🎤, and I'm here today with something that is going to knock your socks off 👟💣.

Have ever looked up at the night sky and wondered:

  • What would my art look like on a phone case?
  • What would it take to set up a killer merch store for my band?
  • Where should I go to create and buy cool gear for my employees?
  • Why hasn’t Tupac come out of hiding yet?

…Then this post is for you

fog machine hype.gif

*drumroll please, and queue fog machines*

That's right folks, as of yesterday… PRINTFUL NOW INTEGRATES WITH SQUARESPACE!

Hold your applause ladies and gentlemen, we know how you feel...

[You, right now probably]: wait wait wait, you’re telling me someone finally linked Squarespace, the magnificent user-friendly website building platform, with Printful, the epic supply chain solution for selling my fly and/or fresh goods?

[Me, definitely right now]: YAAAAS.

 Yas yas yas, more please.

Yas yas yas, more please.


Our favorite platform for building elegant, modern websites that are responsive across all devices. Tons of cool templates, easy for clients to edit when we hand them over the site, all the good stuff. We're even certified members of Squarespace's expert community: Squarespace Circle.

 From Printful's website

From Printful's website



Our favorite platform for setting up hands-free supply chains for artists, bands, and businesses. It's free to set up and has no monthly fees. Say whaaat?? Yup. Their products are solid quality, (look at the options!) and when you set up your product ordering through them and a customer orders your goods, Printful will ship them their order with YOUR branding on the packaging. You can mock up your products before ordering, and they offer warehousing/fulfillment services for those of you who are moving big volume.

seriously, It's a big deal.

While we’re sure things will be a little buggy to begin with, (after all, Squarespace only JUST opened up their commerce API and Printful is the first one to the table), we’re looking forward to setting up a heckin’ lot of artists on this platform. Nothin’ is better than selling hands-free, folks.

Interested in doing this yourself? Check this video from Printful on how to set up this integration.

Want help setting this up?

If you want help, you can always holler at the Beaumonde team - we've got you covered. We build awesome websites that help artists and professionals make money and look gooood. Plus, we've made so many Squarespace websites that our clients get a big discount on their annual hosting costs - up to $50 bucks! Working with us on your website means you are basically freeing up the budget for a delicious fancy dinner 🍱🥂.

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