This Instagram AR Filter Will Put A Smile On Your Face And A Crick In Your Neck

Ok, wow. Just wow. Today’s post is short and sweet because this AR experience is worth an 8000 word blog post.

Open this post on mobile and click the button below to experience one of the coolest Instagram AR Filters we’ve ever seen.

Play 2048 in Augmented reality using your… forehead.

Filter created with Spark AR by Antony Tran.

Me (Shep) having my mind blown.

Me (Shep) having my mind blown.

Antony Tran demoing his new filter to the Spark AR Community

Antony Tran demoing his new filter to the Spark AR Community

“The future of Augmented Reality is already happening on social platforms. Face Filters might be silly but they are no joke. Every brand needs an AR strategy to keep their users more engaged.”
Antony Tran, co-founder at Foundry Six

Here is more work from Foundry Six if you’re interested.

This legitimately blew our mind, mainly because it’s such a simple but brilliant idea. There are so many new ways to tell stories and create engagement with audiences.

I can picture thousands of people around the world today with a 2048 filter on their forehead nodded and turning their heads to play the game.

There have never been opportunities like this before in the world of storytelling, and we’re so excited to be a part of this revolution.

If you want to bring this kind of experience into your marketing and storytelling mix then you’ll need a partner who can handle partnerships with all kinds of unique creatives PLUS manage marketing campaigns on web and social to get your concepts out there.

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