Telling Stories in 360° — Beaumonde's Guide to Social Media Strategy

Looking to refine your social media strategy? Get more followers? Dish out the hottest content your followers have seen since the invention of the Like button?

In this blog we’ll explore how to do all of those things (and more) while examining best practices related to today’s most pertinent (and under the radar) social media platforms.

360° content works great for social media strategy and marketing!

In a world seemingly defined by time-management, the use of immersive media to engage audiences is becoming increasingly important.

Immersive media and 360° content are both huge fields seeing relevancy in disciplines ranging from art museums to festival tours to breweries – and on social media their applications rule, perhaps, supreme.

The New Normal

Social media platforms are becoming more adaptable to new forms of media (Facebook just announced the ability to share 3D photos) – and if you are like nearly every other business out there, you’re probably looking for a way to sharpen your creative marketing strategies in an increasingly competitive and saturated era of media.

Each social media platform will be better at certain things, and therefore each requires its own unique strategy for reaching people.

This blog will show how immersive content (like 360° pictures or videos) can be applied successfully across these variant platforms, all while fitting into a larger discussion of social media strategy and good practice as a whole.

360s on Social

While 360° media (from photos to live videos) work great on many primary social media platforms, their incorporation is just one element among many moving parts on your treasure map. In our experience, 360s turn heads and deliver lasting results more than any other type of content shared.

Whether you’re starting a marketing campaign from scratch, or looking to introduce a new key player into your storytelling architecture, 360° media can be that spark you’re looking for.

Woman using her desktop computer while drinking tea.

A Note on Engagement

“More and more consumers want and even expect messaging in ads to be tailored to their individual wants, needs, and desires which is made easier to do by interactive marketing.”
Robbie Richards, SnapApp

Interactive content is fruitful long-term, and in a blog I wrote a few weeks ago about Facebook marketing, I showed how 360° media in marketing campaigns boosts ROI, drives engagement, can gain 9x more clicks (than 2D content), and more, all for the same amount of ad spend. When considering your social media strategy, don’t just settle for short-term gains or rely on random spikes of viral views.

(P.S., Beaumonde’s 360° creative suite is backed by our time-refined marketing strategies. Contact us today for a free 15-minute phone consultation to learn more.)


Context is Key

As with anything, 360° content fist best in different contexts and on different platforms depending on your type of business. As social media is so ubiquitous in today’s world, we feel strongly that 360° content accelerates in nearly any field, whether that’s through marketing, advertising, or some other type of content distribution.

A Few Basics

I read in a blog last week that “A good, basic ad strategy includes the following elements:”

  • Goals (what you’re trying to do)

  • Audience (who you want to do it) and

  • Tactics (how they’re going to do it).

“Content is king, but distribution is queen and she wears the pants.”
Jonathan Perleman, Buzzfeed

Of course, 360° content can help you reach new audiences, and redefine your tactics, and in turn help you reach your goals (from increased reach to just trying something new). But it’s not just about having a cool picture or graphic that sees an 800% increase in sharing on Facebook. As Jonathan Perleman notes, Distribution is queen and she wears the pants.

“Modern marketing is about matching up with the worldview of your ideal customer. Outside of a monopoly, there is no such thing as marketing that appeals to everyone, and yet, companies still try and routinely fail.”

Bryan Clark, founder of Copyblogger

Simply put, brands need to become broadcasters. This type of narrative-weaving can come about through social media posting and creative storytelling, partnerships with industry experts, and content creation as a whole.

360° Content Across Social Media Platforms

360° content works on all major social media platforms!

Social media platforms across the board, it seems, are continually restructuring their styles and possible media integrations.

For immersive media forms like 360, this is great news and means that users’ depths of experiences on social media will only continue to be enhanced as 360° content (among other types of interactive media) are streamlined and made available for viewing on social sites.

Facebook 360° Content

View of a 360° picture on Facebook that we took and shared as part of a campaign for The Quadrivium Project.

View of a 360° picture on Facebook that we took and shared as part of a campaign for The Quadrivium Project.

Reach the world with 360° content on the biggest platform for social sharing & advertising. 360° photos and 360° videos can be shared easily on Facebook by simply pasting a link to the 360 directly into the Status box.

A few options for using 360 on Facebook include:

  • 360° pictures

  • 360° videos

  • 360° ads and ad campaigns

  • 360° banner photos

  • Live videos in 360° (Note: live videos rank higher in the newsfeed when live than non-live videos)

A Few Trends to Watch:

Videos of about 6-15 seconds in length are performing especially well on Facebook (as of 12/11/17). And to add insult to injury, Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook users watch an average of 100 million hours of video every single day. (Plus, Facebook videos get over 130% more organic reach than photos.)

Facebook is huge. In fact, Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users, and approximately 1 billion daily active users. Tailoring your social media marketing campaigns to fit with Facebook is, almost ubiquitously, a necessity for engaging with your target market and building lasting relationships.

To read more about this expansive topic (from ads to 3D photos) check out Beaumonde’s complete guide to using Facebook in 360°.


Start a dialogue with your customers using 360° content on Twitter. Sharing is simple, interacting is fun, and results are magical.

Preview of one of our 360s on Twitter. Click Play and be swept away.

Preview of one of our 360s on Twitter. Click Play and be swept away.

Simply click to interact, and mouse around just like you’re really there until your thumbs turn twitter-blue.

Simply click to interact, and mouse around just like you’re really there until your thumbs turn twitter-blue.

Uploading 360° photos or videos on Twitter is as easy as pasting a link to your material in the Tweet box. And viewing videos and pictures is done in the same way, the difference being that a video is moving as you scroll and the picture is, well, still. We often share our 360s from either Kuula or Youtube.

Twitter Statistics

With all of this considered, it follows only naturally that brands optimize their social media strategies to A) Be mobile friendly and B) Cater to a younger generation (~college aged) via videos and interactive media.

Instagram in 360°

Activate 360° content on the leading social network for sharing photos and videos. While you can’t directly share 360s onto Instagram yet (as with Twitter or Facebook), you still have a few options for flexing your 360° magic.


Option 1: Rotating video of a 360° picture.

Check out this post on Instagram to see a 360 in full rotation.

The Carolina Music Awards brought to you in part by our 360° camera, Kuula, downtown Raleigh, amazing musicians, and Beaumonde’s art wizardry.

The Carolina Music Awards brought to you in part by our 360° camera, Kuula, downtown Raleigh, amazing musicians, and Beaumonde’s art wizardry.

Option 2: Share your 360° media by utilizing the tiny planet feature to showcase the 360’s versatility in 2D form.

Hip-hop superhero Kung-fu Kenny Kendrick Lamar, by the way, used the tiny planet form of a 360° video in his music video for his hit song “HUMBLE.”


Eye-Catching Creativity

360s on Instagram are great for expanding your creativity in terms of the styles of posts you share, what your followers experience, and how you approach your social media strategy. (Plus, tiny planet 360s look really cool and can stop the fast-flicking fingers of people scrolling to view your post… while at the same time diversifying your visual portfolio.)

Did you know: it would take an individual person more than 5 million years to watch the amount of video that will cross global IP networks each month in 2021. And that by 2021, every second, one million minutes of video content will be crossing the network.
Source: Cisco Visual Networking Report

Instagram Videos

With video predicted to comprise 80% of global internet traffic by 2019, it’s time you made video a main character in your social media strategy. Instagram, unlike Youtube (depending on your market), is centered more around the building of a profile as relates to a live feed or stream.

Video posts, in addition to video stories, can be used to tell stories, highlight humor and behind-the-scenes elements, and can even drive traffic to your website.

Instagram Stories

Are great for broadcasting within your niche. What you post depends on what you do, although in general it’s good to post from events, during business hours, behind the scenes, etc. (We like to post on our way to get coffee.)

Editing a picture on a mobile phone.

Stories aren’t available in 360° yet but stay tuned for updates: at the rate of media innovation currently transpiring it seems inevitable and, eventually, will be common practice.

There are over 250 million stories posted daily on Instagram. How are you using spontaneous content to engage with your audience?
A sponsored Instagram story by Anderson Paak, advertising a new song of his featuring Kendrick Lamar.

A sponsored Instagram story by Anderson Paak, advertising a new song of his featuring Kendrick Lamar.

Pro-Tip: Try saving your Instagram stories to your Highlight Reel. These can be created to drive traffic to your blog, website, product pages, services pages, to new menus, and more.

Plus, if you frequently host events, each Highlight Reel could be from a different event, allowing followers to re-visit their memories (or experience something they should have attended after all)!

Snapchat & Snapchat Stories

Snapchat is unique in that it is one of the only primary social media platforms existing strictly on mobile. If you’re looking for a spark in your social media strategy, Snapchat could be the way to go (depending on your market).

360° Content on Snapchat

You can’t use the Snapchat camera directly in 360°, however, 360° ads are well within the realm of possibility. Simply create your Snapchat ad, then add a link to your 360° content that can be viewed by swiping up.

A long-standing geofilter at the student union on NC State University’s campus in Raleigh, NC.

A long-standing geofilter at the student union on NC State University’s campus in Raleigh, NC.

Snapchat Marketing

We’ve found the creation of geofilters for event promotion and for public spaces (from museums to coffee shops) to be the most successful approach for broadening meaningful reach. Every time someone walks within the geographical radius of where your geofilter is placed, it pops up as an optional filter. Geofilters can be placed for the duration of an event (like concerts) or more permanently, as at NC State’s Talley Student Center.

Snapchat Stories

Another possibility with Snapchat is that of having a featured story (this works especially if you are a social influencer and have built your brand around your personality).

However, having your story featured will cost you a lot of money unless you’re somebody like Rick Ross (@FerrariFatBoi) or are a cultural news & entertainment channel (@BrotherHQ, @ESPN, etc.) working in some type of partnership with Snapchat.

Snapchat stories can still be used to broadcast daily happenings and snapshot pictures or videos to people you are friends with (and it’s not thaat uncommon for businesses to have a Snapchat account).

YouTube and 360° Content

Activate your 360° content on the world's most popular video platform. Youtube is a great example of a grade-A content management system plus social media platform based around curating videos with profile-building peppered in.

360° videos and pictures can both be shared on Youtube, and per the nature of the platform there is the added bonus of being able to set music behind 360° pictures as they ‘play’ and you interact. Check out a 360° video of Shep & Caro at the Carolina Music Awards below.


Music Videos on Youtube

Musicians can utilize Youtube as a channel for content-sharing and communication with fans. As music videos continue to be a popular medium for storytelling and musical enhancement, artists can use the world’s largest video-hosting platform for brand-building and funneling engagement.

Kendrick Lamar using 360° in his music video for HUMBLE!

360° music videos are a high-opportunity and barely-tapped resource for musicians. Kendrick Lamar used tiny planet versions of 360° footage in his video for “HUMBLE,” although, to be honest and with all things considered it was only the first step of what could be a giant leap for music-video creativity.

(P.S., with the tiny planet feature for 360° footage available, 360s can be incorporated into ‘traditional’ 2D media, as seen in Kendrick’s music video.)

Youtube Ads

Consider creating your next advertisement on Youtube… in 360 degrees. 360° video ads have higher interaction rates and CTRs than 2D video ads, plus they have seen significantly higher share rates, according to a very interesting study of 360° video ads conducted by Columbia Sportswear. In the study, they also found that “[The] 360 ad drove 41% more earned actions than the standard ad. It also drove more engagement with Columbia's YouTube channel than the standard ad.”

“Social media ads are great for content discovery. They help your content reach new, targeted audiences rather than people who already know and like your brand.”
Loryn Cole,

In General

Youtube is a great place to upload videos no matter what discipline you are in. Your channel doesn’t have to be a primary hub of user interaction and interest but you can still post videos there and then share them to other platforms (because where else are you going to post a video?) (Well… Vimeo, but we’ll get to that.)

Youtube also works if you’re looking to build a fan base (on Youtube) and have your channel be a hub of consumer interaction (like vloggers or social-influencer lifestyle Youtubers).

Vimeo in 360°

Yep. They offer 360° videos, too. In up to 8k resolution. And if you’re new to the world of 360, they even have a “360° Video School” to help people kickstart their creativity and sharpen their skills.

Uploading is easy, and can be done directly from places like Adobe Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas. You can also watch in 360° from Vimeo’s app via Zeiss, GearVR, and Daydream headsets.

Vimeo as a Whole

I’ve always considered Vimeo to be in the realm of short films, art pieces, and music videos. This is a place for creators. For film makers, musicians, visual artists, techo-heads, and more. Short films (or feature films) in 360° are just one example of many styles related to the dynamic nature of a 360° space and increasingly depth-having interactive content.


Kuula is great for sharing 360° pictures and content!

This is where we host the majority of our 360° content – pictures, graphics, and interactive worlds like the immersive 360° album cover we made for Houston rapper Trill Sammy.

If you are a fan of beautiful vistas from across the globe, immersive photography, cartoons, detailed illustrations, and more, the Kuula Explore page will be a thrilling delight to your senses.

Marketing on Kuula

Kuula is at an interesting crossroads between being a content management system (like Youtube) and a platform for discovery and interaction amongst users and creators. The comments sections are not as active as on Youtube, although Kuula is relatively newer and a bit more niche (for now).

I’ve yet to see much about adverting on Kuula or running marketing campaigns directly on their platform (as they don’t allow for ads); however, Kuula’s feed is fantastic and allows for 360° exploration, discovery, and along the way the perhaps forming of a few connections with creators on the forefront of technology and art.

Across Platforms: Brands and broadcasting

Brands need to become broadcasters. No matter what you offer your customers (a product, a service, events, etc.) broadcasting your story is imperative to increasing organic reach and driving your bottom line. Take Adobe, for example. They offer some of the most high-powered media-editing softwares in the world that are, largely, their industry standard (just look at photoshop).

Shep Bryan  taking a 360° picture at a music festival in downtown Raleigh, NC.

Shep Bryan taking a 360° picture at a music festival in downtown Raleigh, NC.

Rather than letting their products stand alone, and rely on peddling software programs door-to-door, they stepped into a broader role: that of educators. They have connected the dots between seemingly disparate fields via their ability to both educate (extremely well) and to weave in the relevancy of their offerings.

With immersive media like 360° photos and videos, becoming a type of educator and telling stories is all the more fascinating and, thankfully, possible.

Looking to get started using 360° content on social media? Let’s get in touch. Leave a comment below or contact us to start your journey in 360° today.