Raleigh Is Dope: New Raleigh Union Train Station (Full Virtual Tour!)

There’s a new train station in the City of Raleigh. We give you: Raleigh Union Station.

Raleigh's freshest Train Station

As of mid-July, Downtown Raleigh’s latest addition is a beautiful new Amtrak train station. One of the first things we noticed when walking in was how similar in design it felt to the Raleigh-Durham International Airport. Check out our 360° photos posted here and let us know if we're on point.

The City's Vision for Raleigh Union Station

Raleigh Union Station fits within efforts to support the expansion of mass transit options in North Carolina’s central region. Raleigh is a rapidly growing city, and with that comes a need for transportation facilities to meet current and future transit demands. Raleigh Union Station will not only serve Amtrak passengers, but also act as a multi-model transit center connecting riders to other forms of transit. Offering this level of service will address congestion and land development concerns, while also providing a transportation hub that will continue to revitalize Downtown Raleigh and its Warehouse District.
Union Station: Raleigh's Multi-Modal Transit Center, www.raleighnc.gov

Construction is basically done

According to the City of Raleigh, construction for Raleigh Union Station is almost complete. Some work remains on the building and nearby station area, but we were still impressed by the appeal of this new space when we stopped by to photograph this local train station in 360 degrees.

There will be four daily round-trips from Raleigh to Charlotte, with a decent amount of parking options within walking distance of this Raleigh train station. We're looking forward to seeing more of NC via this new transportation hub. Metered parking is available on the street and there are parking decks galore nearby, including:

  • The Dillon, 223 S. West Street

  • Municipal Deck, 201 W Morgan Street

  • Wake County Parking Deck, 216 W Cabarrus Street

  • Performing Arts Parking Deck, 128 W South Street

  • Wilmington Street Station Parking Deck, 122 S Blount Street

It's worth noting that this station will also connect to Amtrak's long distance Silver Star passenger train, linking Raleigh local train service with Florida and the Northeast. The city says that based on conclusions from other economic impact studies, this construction project for transit-oriented development has the potential to create as many as 44,500 short-term jobs over a 10-year period.

Raleigh is dope!

Google Street View

There are tons of benefits to Google Street View, and they start rolling in as soon as you add your 360° content to Google. Just as you see in the tour above, having 360° photos is a great way to show off new businesses and help people explore what kind of opportunities are available in their city. Our 360° Street View shots of this train station are already nearing 1,000 views within 24 hours of uploading them.

In this edited shot below, we took one of our 360° photos from the Raleigh train station and added some graphics to make it a little more engaging and to inspire curiosity. If you want something like this done for your business, contact us today for a free 15-minute phone consultation.