This Viral 360° Sunflower Photo Got 100,000 Views (Case Study)

Our 360° photo of the Dix Park sunflower fields went viral when Sunfest rolled around, and we documented the whole thing. Want to see the full results and findings from our research?

Download our report after the jump to learn how Beaumonde used this 360° photo to generate nearly 100k views across web & social with an average web CTR of 1.75%.

After sharing the 360° sunflower photo online, we witnessed a flood of views that lasted for 10 days leading up to the event.

In our report, we detail key stats on how our sunflower fields 360° performed on social media, web, and on Google Street View.

Across all three platforms we saw:

  • Soaring CTRs

  • Tons of organic reach

  • Increased web traffic

  • ...and lots more 🤓

The findings in our study further demonstrate the abilities of interactive media and 360° content to engage audiences and provide incredible marketing results.

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