Redefine Your Mobile Marketing Campaigns with 360° Media


Want to crush your mobile marketing objectives? Looking for new ways to fascinate audiences across platforms but not sure about interactive + 360° media?

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In this blog you’ll learn:

  • How people are using mobile marketing to leverage engagement,

  • Why mobile matters,

  • Applications of 360° media on mobile social, and

  • Why interactive 360s are more important than ever in our increasingly social world.

Why Mobile Marketing Matters

360° Media works great for Mobile Marketing

No matter your business, mobile marketing is a powerful & effective strategy to engage people and to help businesses excel.

As of 2018, 58% of Google searches were done on mobile, with 27.8 billion more queries completed on mobile devices than desktop.

Whether you're just getting started with mobile marketing, or are an industry veteran, read on to learn how 360° media is changing the way people engage on mobile, and why mobile marketing is an important tool in your arsenal.

According to IAB, Ad spend on mobile hit $49.9 billion in 2017, a 36% increase from 2016 ($36.6b).

By 2021, mobile’s share of digital advertising will rise to 79.2%. Let that sink in. This marketing channel is becoming more competitive every day, and is on track to become the definitive channel that brands will be using to engage customers.

~You need a marketing strategy for mobile~

What is your organization doing to establish a strong marketing strategy for this channel?

68% of companies have already integrated mobile marketing into their overall marketing strategy (according to Salesforce).

For most of these companies, this focus on mobile marketing exists primarily through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. 

Beaumonde 360° photo on mobile

With such a flood of users, it's important to integrate a diversity of media into your marketing strategy.  For many, the focus on unique media is in its infancy and consists of the adoption of tools like Manychat & Chatfuel to stay connected with customers across Messenger and similar apps.

While there is no single & correct way to market on mobile, we've found again and again that 360° media drives participant engagement across the board. Our successful campaigns have included anything from immersive 360° album covers, to virtual tours for cultural events, to a 360° photo of sunflower fields that garnered nearly 100,000 views online. 

Let's dive a little deeper. Read our latest case study.

Novelty is a double-edged sword

New platforms create new opportunities for marketing teams, but it’s essential to remember that the novelty of a new form of communication can wear off quickly.


When Manychat first came out, I eagerly subscribed to brands like Bot Academy and Josh Fechter on Messenger. I clicked into every message I got at first, because it was new and cool to engage with a brand on my messaging app.

Fast forward 12 months and I’ve already tuned them out because their cookie-cutter content temporarily turned my Messenger inbox into a spam garbage pit. The novelty of a new channel can wear off quickly.

What doesn’t wear off is evergreen content that fascinates and invites interaction. 360° photo and video advertising give you the chance to activate your brand uniquely on mobile, no matter what platform your customers are using.

While 360° media is relatively new, industry-wide statistics overwhelmingly point to its longevity. Plus, we've been creating 360° content for years and have witnessed its success firsthand.

The Easiest Way To Engage Customers On Mobile

Leverage their phone’s gyroscope to immediately spark their curiosity. Combine this experiential interaction with some creative 360° content and you’ll see why digital marketers are seeing insane lift in mobile clickthrough and mobile conversion rates.

The current average for conversion rates is 10x improvement on clickthroughs, with mobile CTRs going as high as +1300%.
Source: Omnivirt

[Tip: if you're not reading this blog on your phone or tablet already, try popping over to your nearest mobile device to see how the 360° photo above works in tandem with your device's gyroscope.]

A Brave New World (of Media)

Think of all the people using apps like Snapchat or Pokémon Go every day. 188 million daily active users, actually. For Snapchat alone.

And think of all the funky face filters people use, giving them bulbous noses or glittery skin. This is Augmented Reality (AR) integration at its finest, and people love it. 

Mobile users are becoming increasingly used to seeing 'new' types of media on their devices, whether AR, VR, 360, or otherwise. Why not meet people in the middle by incorporating interactive 360° media into your next mobile marketing campaign, allowing people to personalize their experiences? Or as part of your mobile content strategy as a whole?, in turn distinguishing your brand as innovative & pushing the envelope of creativity.

“The phone is probably going to be the mainstream consumer platform [where] a lot of these AR features become mainstream, rather than a glasses form factor that people will wear on their face.”
Mark Zuckerberg

There is set to be an expansive growth in this field, which means more options for marketers to choose from.

Adding 360° media into your content budget shouldn’t be an impossibility — it should be a smart spend that supports your overall strategy to engage users and delight them in new ways.

Let's dive a little deeper. Read our latest case study.

360 doesn't have to eat your entire content budget. Here’s why.

360° VR doesn't have to eat your budget

Sure, a huge brand can throw $500,000 at a VR movie experience with Felix & Paul Studios. They can even go with a more affordable high-end VR video option (priced between $30,000-$180,000) with Visualize.

It’s easy to see that this price point makes VR / 360° video content basically a non-option for most businesses.

VR Headset in use.

The difficulty with these expensive one-off pieces is that are not a healthy component of an agile marketing mix.

Once they are completed and released they become like the sword in the stone in King Arthur’s court — no one is pulling this thing out of the ground once it’s planted.

If marketers in SMBs want to leverage this kind of content in their own campaigns, it shouldn’t cost them an arm and a leg, and it shouldn’t be like a deadweight around your content budget’s ankle.

360° Media can be still be agile & just-in-time

There is a better way to bring the huge marketing lift of immersive 360° media into your marketing mix — a way that is agile and responsive to the shifting needs of your marketing campaign.

The answer: 360° photo and static interactive graphics. Plus, 360° videos, which are considerably cheaper than VR videos and still offer participants more hands-on relationships with stories brands tell.

What's that look like? It can't be said in a sentence, though if you’re serious about robust media strategies on mobile let’s talk.


Mobile Marketing Campaigns on Social Media

Did you know, there are over 2.23 Billion monthly active users on Facebook, 1.74 Billion of which use Facebook on mobile (Source: Zephoria).

Using social media for mobile marketing doesn't have to be a multi-crazy-amount-of-money campaign to get real results and worthy ROIs. Sometimes being successful with mobile marketing on social media is as simple as posting a high quality photo or video that people will like. 

Shareable Content

Trill Sammy’s interactive album cover on Instagram.

Check this out. We just completed the designs of a interactive album cover for Texas-based rapper and musician Trill Sammy. He's been promoting his upcoming album drop actively on social media and people are clearly receptive. 

For artists, for businesses, for festivals, and many others, 360° content works wonders.

360° Interactive Advertising

Consider incorporating 360° content into your next advertising campaign. Facebook and Twitter both accommodate 360° photos and videos seamlessly, and for the same ad spend you can: increase reach & post engagement, see huge gains in post likes, and boost clicks. 

A 360° photo ad we made for Ambleside Art Gallery.

A 360° photo ad we made for Ambleside Art Gallery.

360° advertisements work especially well on mobile because they work with your device's gyroscope (i.e., when you move your phone or tablet, your point of view within the 360° space moves correspondingly).

360° advertisements are immersive, clean, and present information more cohesively and with greater depth than traditional 2D ads. 

The Future of Mobile Marketing

Using 360° media as a tool for mobile marketing provides a niche and interactive way for businesses to communicate with their target audiences. It allows for clearer, more dynamic storytelling that drives engagement across markets.

“As more and more buying power lands predominantly in the hands of a younger crowd of professionals who desire experiences over products, marketers are having to adjust their approach to product marketing. Users no longer want to be told a story; they desire to participate in stories.”
Gena Killion,

With so many people using mobile devices, and their accessibility increasing tenfold, creative content now has a much higher potential for going viral. Mobile content is easily shared amongst friends; and when you factor in the unique nature of 360° media it's no wonder CTRs, ROI, and overall engagement rates are so high for interactive content. 

In an age where people seek authenticity between the lines of the digital and physical worlds, stories told that prompt participation & interaction will stand out and be remembered like stars in the night sky. After all, if you want your campaign to succeed Engagement is All that Matters. Seriously. We even developed a brand strategy around that concept and the results speak for themselves.

Have a question about how content marketing strategies on mobile can work for you? Why mobile marketing matters and how our 360s work online?

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