Here Comes The Cowboy 🤠 - A 360° Mac Demarco Experience

Let the Tumbleweeds roll.

Hey folks, Shep here. If you didn’t know it yet, I love Mac Demarco’s goofy brand of indie rock.

Mac’s new album Here Comes The Cowboy is out today around the world.

For his first release on Mac’s Record Label I wanted to create something interactive that would celebrate his musical body of work and engage fans in new & unique ways.

Thus, I give you: a 10 year recap & interactive celebration of indie rock’s darling goof.

This interactive project highlights nearly every EP or LP release that Mac has shared to date. I made it fun to explore, featuring the iconic photos of our darling goof that fans know and love. Each album has links out to Spotify or Bandcamp and I included links to music videos from their respective albums.

What does this type of content mean for artists and brands?

I think this kind of content is an incredibly engaging deep dive for fans of all levels, leveraging our physical movements with a phone to give us a sense of scope for this man’s musical catalog.

I can envision someone finding Mac for the first time thanks to the big push for Here Comes The Cowboy, and they dive into this 360° concept which basically gives them a “best of Mac” experience. It’s not crazy to imagine that this project could potentially create a superfan from a regular fan, and a regular fan from a non-listener.

The active engagement with this content creates a deeper connection with a fan. Plus, it’s a killer strategy when you work it into your social media marketing on Facebook platforms or Snapchat. The in-app browsers can show 360° content very easily, so fans don’t even need to download anything to get the experience.

Anyways… Hope you thought this was cool. Tune in to the new album, support your favorite artists, and hire an interactive marketer. Peace out ✌.