You've Got To See This Lebron 360° Illustration

Updated 7/5/18: The eagle has landed! Lebron James signs with the Los Angeles Lakers.

“I’m going to Los Angeles.”
Lebron James, probably

The world wants to know: Where will Lebron’s free agency take the greatest basketball player of our age?

Artist @LAKeebs shared his hot 360° take yesterday on Lebron’s next home via The Lab at Bleacher Report.

This is a dope example of how 360° creative can bring a real world story to life... featuring Iron Man, Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, The Ninja Turtles, and so much more... check our list of inclusions out after the jump.


Check out the key players from each NBA franchise doing something signature to their character or their city in this VR 360 illustration by artist @LAKeebs

[NOLA] Anthony Davis is holding up a plate of beignets. Hah!

[MEM] Elvis makes the case for Memphis. Thank ya very much.

[NUGS] Rocky (The Denver Nuggets mascot) is holding up a plate of .... well... nuggets.

[OKC] Russell Westbrook is holding up a sign that promises he'll pass the ball (LOL yah right)

[GSW] Kevin Durant is holding up a picket sign that says "If you can't beat em, join em." (Damn, this one really got me)

[LAL] Meanwhile Kobe Bryant is chowing down on a big bag of In-N-Out burgers. (Updated 7/5/18: Los Angeles is the winner! This Lebron 360 drawing offered a lot of options, but Lebron James has settled on the Los Angeles Lakers for his new home.)

[PHILA] It looks Kevin Hart is riding Joel Embiid's shoulders waving a sign that says "Trust The Process". 😅

[NYC] Jay-Z seems like he's got a Roc Nation chain waiting for Lebron...

[ATL] The Three Migos are chilling on a bench asking LBJ if he wants to be the Fourth 'Migo

[CHA] Michael Jordan makes a cameo, blasting a cigar while holding what appears to be... a goat? *nods sagely*

There's a lot more going on in here... You'll just have to click in and find out if you haven't already. This is a prime example of how 360° creative can bring things to life in unique ways!

Direct link to the 360° Image for those interested.