🎤 Kooley High - Never Come Down in Virtual Reality + 360° 🔮

We linked up with Clarion Content last weekend to create some ground-breaking 360° content for Kooley High, one of North Carolina's hip hop darlings.

Check out this killer three piece of content which includes a live performance 360° photo, a full band candid outside the venue (Lincoln Theatre), and an Interactive Album Cover featuring the work of Jason Clary at Sollos Creative.

Listen to Kooley High's newest album Never Come Down while you browse through this immersive VR-compatible art concept. (Meaning yes, you can experience their album cover through those VR goggles you got last holiday from your warm-hearted aunt. But no, you don’t have to & can view 360s on mobile, desktop, and tablets easily.)

It's always exciting for us to put this kind of creative content together. Unlike regular concert photography (where a good photographer can come away with hundreds of decent shots), 360° concert photography is a beast of its own.

Shooting in low light is a huge hurdle when your 360° camera rig is comprised of over 30 independent lenses working together.

To get the right shot, sometimes it can require photographing the same shot from the same spot as many as thirty times. Factors like a performer's movement, various lighting sources, and audience activity all come into play.

For these shots of Kooley High, the outdoors shot was by far the easiest to capture.

When your subject is willing to contribute to making the shot look exciting (i.e. striking poses and presenting a dynamic energy) then what ultimately emerges is something that can be a great foundation to build from.

In the outdoor shot, you'll see a number of embedded graphics that were put together after the initial shoot. They're designed and curated to match the band's aesthetic and to give you a sense of vibes for the creators who are being highlighted.

Hope you enjoyed seeing these shots. Stay tuned for more! You can always follow Shep on Twitter for a steady stream of Beaumonde's 360° images.


Shep Bryan, Co-Founder

Of Beaumonde's two co-founders, Shep is the musical one. He designs brands and websites for artists, and is an accomplished songwriter and music producer. He has shown a short film at the Cannes Film Festival, published a peer-reviewed article in the Journal of Arts Entrepreneurship Education, and wants you to follow him on Twitter.