2019 Case Study: >14% Engagement Rate With Interactive Music Marketing Strategy


Gamified 360° Interactive Website & Marketing Plan

Client: Omnian Music Group / Captured Tracks
Project: VALIS album release for Reptaliens

Working with Beaumonde, particularly given the short turnaround time we imposed, was flawless and their continued support after the project’s launch was invaluable.”
Matt Brinkworth, Head of Digital @ Captured Tracks

Project Results for Reptaliens.com

These results were achieved entirely organically - there was no paid ad spend behind this project.


✳️ In this case study engagement rate is defined as (Clicks ÷ Sessions = Engagement Rate).

✳️✳️ Our “clicks measured” metric specifically tracked clickthroughs to social & streaming platforms. Many additional clicks were registered in the gamified portion of reptaliens.com, but they were not specifically measurable with our current UI. The real engagement rate is actually significantly higher than 14.2%, but without effective attribution we choose not to include those clicks in this case study.



Reptaliens.com is a gamified 360° web experience that achieved high online engagement for our client with zero ad spend, thanks to our innovative content & marketing strategy.


Captured Tracks wanted the VALIS album release stand out and the release date was approaching quickly.


Reptaliens.com was launched as a 360° interactive website where fans could explore a Reptaliens-themed scavenger hunt, connect with the band on social media, and access VALIS via streaming platforms.


Reptaliens.com has been a huge success. With zero ad spend it is delivering very high levels of engagement with fans using only 25% of typical time on page (estimated to be between 2-3min based on 2018 content marketing benchmarks).


Matt Brinkworth, (Head of Digital at Omnian Music Group / Captured Tracks):

“I'd been looking for an opportunity to work with Beaumonde for a while and the campaign for Reptaliens' latest album VALIS was the perfect fit. It's hard to get artists excited about websites, but Shep and the team at Beaumonde were able to expand the album artwork into a three-dimensional world perfectly fitting of Reptaliens and allowed the band the freedom to extend their artistic vision into a functional and engaging web experience that worked cross-platform. Working with Beaumonde, particularly given the short turnaround time we imposed, was flawless and their continued support after the project's launch was invaluable.”

Fan comments:

  • “I saw it before the post! Such a cool new site 👍”

  • “I love your brains! I love your creativity!”

  • “Love the new design experience💙”

  • “This is amazing ✨”

  • “WOAH! 🤩”

  • “Cool way to display the website. The future is now!”

In-depth Notes from Shep Bryan, Chief Strategist:

Beaumonde continues to break new ground in the world of interactive marketing & music marketing strategy with case studies like this one.

As the power of interactive media for marketing & storytelling becomes ever more undeniable, this kind of case study empowers the new kinds of creators and strategists who are on the rise. It also empowers brands and artists around the world to explore a new storytelling process that is:

  • more effective (at least 2x to 5x higher engagement than flat media across all case studies, and up to 13x based on previous campaigns)

  • more experiential (scalable 1-to-1 interactions powered by mobile gyroscope & webXR technology)

  • less noisy (less competition means more traction)

What we are seeing here across numerous case studies for our interactive media websites is that fans genuinely enjoy this new concept. They are willing to spend time in the experience. Since they are actively engaged via the mobile gyroscope, we can see that their propensity to click / convert out to other goals is notably higher.

This is demonstrated by the average visit length of 43sec, and especially validated by the number of visits over 5min (more than 20 unique fans spent over 5min in the experience). For us these lengthy visits can be attributed to fans actively completing the Scavenger Hunt gamified experience that we built into this project.

While this time spent in the experience is significantly less than the website visit length that marketers look for in typical content marketing endeavors, we also categorize “time spent” in this experience as a metric similar to a view through rate.

The question we really need to ask to measure our impact is: How much time did fans spend consuming the experience?

Our 43sec average time on page is almost one whole minute of pure 1-to-1 engagement between fans and the artist. This means swiping, scrolling, physically moving their phone, exploring the 360 space, and clicking buttons that take them to social / streaming platforms.

The engagement we are creating is fully active consumption. It is self-directed with physical actions that make the content more memorable. Typical engagement with artist content is passive consumption, i.e. consuming a music video on their phone while also possibly doing something else (like watching Netflix).

Our tally of 14.2% engagement is a conservative measurement (shockingly) given the data we’ve reviewed as we prepped this case study. We were unable to track Scavenger Hunt clicks due to our current UI limitations, but given full transparency across the marketing platforms involved in this project we could certainly extrapolate this data. We have multiple instances of fans finding ALL the easter eggs and sharing them on social media for other fans to appreciate. One notable instance is one of the first fans who found the hidden lyric sheet for Shuggie II shared it on the Shuggie YouTube video for other fans to see.

We estimate that for each visit over 15sec in length (which is most visits) fans at least engaged with steps one and two of our Scavenger Hunt:

  1. Reading The Instructions

  2. Finding the first hidden clue (right next to the instructions) and watching some of the band’s most recent single via a pop-up YouTube window.

Even before fans found their way to the buttons for social/streaming platforms, they were invited to engage and explore. If even 50% of sessions (half of 793) started the Scavenger Hunt then our broad engagement rate for this project becomes ~64.2%. Here’s the math: [113 measured clicks + 396 Step One clicks (unmeasured)] ÷ 793 sessions = ~64.2%

These metrics arrive via data that is ultimately a little dirtier than we’d like it to be, given the current state of WebXR analytic tools. Engagement Attribution is currently more difficult in XR marketing projects than any other kind, mainly due to the continuously evolving technology & analytic tools.

However, the significance of these findings cannot be ignored. Just like we know that water is frozen whether the temperature is 32°F or -100°F… We see these results in the same way. The findings in this case study are INCREDIBLE - it really doesn’t matter whether the data reveals a 2x increase or a 5x increase in clicks. The number is still a LOT higher than almost any current marketing strategy is delivering.

As our measurement systems become more advanced for these futuristic marketing concepts, we’ll eventually get the granularity that we desire from our marketing data.

For now, we will continue to use all the tools at our disposal to make sure the case study info we provide is validated, cleaned when possible, and shared in an easy-to-understand format.

Thanks for reading. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this Beaumonde Interactive Marketing case study.

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