Walkthrough: Interactive Album Art + 360° Immersive Websites


Hi all, Beaumonde co-founder Shep here. I’ve been creating great walkthroughs lately that feature explorations of Beaumonde’s unique work.

In this walkthrough, you can get a sense of how our 360° immersive websites are opening up new ways for fans to connect with their favorite brands. Here I jump into several 360° interactive album art projects and explain their role as a storytelling tool in the new media paradigm (Sound interesting? Read more on this topic here: High Fidelity Storytelling.)

About These Projects

We’re fascinated with inventing new ways to tell richer stories. These interactive music marketing projects are one exciting method we’ve created to empower brands as they build deeper connections with their fans.

Fans access these immersive art worlds via URL, meaning there is minimal friction when it’s time to get people to engage. No apps, no downloads, no unnecessary extras.

Where these interactive concepts shine is on the mobile phone. They take advantage of the phone’s gyroscope to generate immediate engagement as soon as someone enters, and we can link hotspots or buttons out to almost any app on the mobile phone!

Apps & platforms we’re able to connect include:

  • Social media like FB, Insta, Twitter, Snap, Bandsintown

  • Music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music

  • Email / newsletter signups for platforms like Mailchimp

There’s also great opportunities to create gamified scavenger hunts in these spaces in order to give fans something unique to find… maybe it’s a 10% off promo code for merchandise, or a contest entry for a meet-and-greet with the band.

An Example: Reptaliens

I want to help you tell a new kind of story. If you have a big project coming up that needs to stand out, then this is a great way to do that! Email me today and let’s start a conversation.