Case Study: 30.5% CTR From Super Fans On Instagram


What we wanted to know

How do super fan communities on Instagram react to 360° content of their favorite artists?

what we did

We created a 360 concept for Dreamville super fans to be shared via a Dreamville influencer account with 7000+ followers. This account keeps up with all the latest releases, rumors, and more.

They made a post highlighting our 360 concept and set it as their bio link. We tracked clicks and interactions in the 360 concept.

Fans who clicked into the concept saw something like this screenshot below (but with an interactive 360 space!)


The results

The 360 concept ended up getting nearly 500 likes on Instagram over a few days.

We measured 128 clicks from the bio link in Instagram. It got 144 clicks total, with additional clicks coming from our Facebook post highlighting the 360 concept.

Within the 360 concept (i.e. once someone had entered via clicking), we registered 44 additional clicks on our branded button (seen in the bottom right of the screenshot above).

44 clicks from 144 entries tallies a click rate of 30.5% for users who entered the 360 space. Additionally, we didn’t use link tracking on other buttons in the 360 design, so it’s likely users clicked additional hotspots that would have connected them to the artist accounts listed in the space. In similar concepts, we see fans exploring the entire space and oftentimes they click every single button during their interaction.

One way to increase the click rate further is to remove all additional buttons from the 360 space and give users a single CTA via the branded button.

The branded button took users to our website: For client projects, this could be used to link out to ticket portals, streaming platforms, products, etc.

This diagram below maps how users flowed through the concept.


This is a small but thought-provoking example of how creative 360 content like this is able to vastly outperform flat creative in terms of engagement and click-throughs. Typical flat creative on Instagram & Instagram Stories is likely to have click-through rates of 3-6%. This concept had >30% CTR once fans were inside the concept.

Why This Works

It’s a bold new world of advertising, and the Millennials / Gen Zers want brand storytelling that is experiential and intuitive. With this kind of concept, we give fans a highly engaging and unique content experience on their mobile phone that is gamified, interactive, and extremely memorable.

Once you consider that this content perfectly fits consumer demands for an experience in all things, it’s obvious why it offers significant lift in conversions when compared to flat creative.

Just imagine what our support could do for your campaigns. With our help you can step powerfully into this new space and carve up your competitors with cutting-edge strategies.


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