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In today’s blog I tackle common concerns I hear from marketers, social media mavens, and business owners with using new media (experiential content) in 2019. I explain more about how your business can start using new media TODAY to send your engagement, brand recall, and interactivity into the stratosphere.

(PS: If it’s your first time with us then thanks for stopping by. Buckle up, b’cuz you just found the gold mine, amigo. Before jumping in here, consider reading our blog on the Playground Technique first to learn more about how experiential media is supercharging marketing & brand storytelling.)

Hello my people. 👋 Welcome again to the only home for new media digital strategy on the webs.

In 2018, the Beaumonde team helped businesses big and small use new media to build hype, book services, sell tickets, tell deeper stories, and more. In 2019, I want to help YOUR business do the same thing (but even better of course).

Photo by  rawpixel  on  Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

My Expert advice for 2019:

In the new year, the best advice I can give you is this: New media storytelling and digital marketing can 👏work👏 for 👏your 👏business 👏TODAY.

When I’m exploring ideas with clients I often hear one or more of these three concerns: Price, Time, and Effort. Let’s talk about them now.


Price: “Isn’t it too expensive?”

Ah yes, the classic. Sure, if you want to do the next Star Wars Pod Racer 360 demo or build your own version of Beat Saber (the best game on Playstation VR) then yeah that budget is done real quick. (This is mostly because with other studios the post-production costs for 360 & VR video can be pretty high.)

But as VR/360/AR content tools and production techniques continue to evolve, so has the process for making these things.

Even if you’re up on your VR industry game, you probably didn’t realize that there are many more affordable options in 360 content beyond blockbuster budget 360 VR video content.

In a major case study from Omnivirt (after serving over 700 million 360° ads), 360 display ads outperformed flat display ads in some key areas.

omnivirt 360 photo ad stats 1.png

And guess what? 360 photo actually performs ~6x better than 360 video in display ads (which itself performs 46% better than flat video ads).

What does that mean? It means the content that is easier to produce is actually performing better than the content that’s potentially more costly to make.

Our support means that your existing creative can easily become 360 designs with 300% higher CTR, without needing to do any extra work on your end.

So you should feel reassured. You don’t need to blow the budget on something crazy. You can start with simpler 360 creative including virtual tour photos, 360 designs, 360 event invitations, and more.

Plus, what you’ll be sharing is a completely new way to tell stories. Your audience will be wowed, your competition will be worried, and your bottom line will feel the love.

Feel better about the price discussion now? Want to talk to me about where 360 can fit into your content marketing in 2019?

Email me 👏right 👏now: email Shep.


Time: “How long is this going to take?”

When you work with the right team and the right idea, producing new media content can actually happen as quickly as any other design or content process.

An experienced team has their best practices and standards already established, meaning they have the expertise to cut right to the essential elements and start work from there.

Photo by  Markus Spiske  on  Unsplash

At Beaumonde, I’m pretty confident that my efficient team ships quality projects faster than any other new media team out there. This means our clients have more of their most valuable resource: their time.

You might ask yourself, what makes us the most efficient? Does this mean the work is a lower quality? Trust me my friend: we don’t compromise on quality. That’s not the way.

We work quickly because we’ve mastered the art of the MVP (minimum viable product) in new media. Clients that work with us don’t need to worry about crazy time scope on the production end… our creative direction yields concepts that are simple, engaging, and interactive.

People don’t need to download anything new to have the experience. It just appears for them, whether in a timeline, a news article, a website, and suddenly it’s magical.

I’m all about working smarter, and I’m a firm believer in a concept I learned from Tim Ferriss: Minimum Effective Dose. (Here’s a great read where Michael Hyatt explains Minimum Effective Dose)

In a nutshell, Minimum Effective Dose refers to the smallest dose that will get the desired outcome.

In the case of creating experiential content with new media, the desired outcome can include better engagement, brand recall, interactivity, etc. In the end it’s all about creating a unique experience that drives better results.

Through dozens of 360 campaigns & projects we’ve learned what that minimum effective dose is for experiential mediums like 360 content and AR. It may surprise you that it doesn’t have to be a mind-blowing concept or deliverable to get serious engagement.

My team has created a system that lets us turn around really awesome, elegant 360 concepts in a fraction of the time that big studios can do it.

Plus, because we work smart and fast, the work costs our clients less to produce. You get the same results from our content (wow factor, increased engagement, better brand recall) in a faster timeframe, for a more reasonable cost.

We’ve turned around killer projects with short deadlines, and we’ve also worked hand-in-hand with teams to meticulously build the perfect concept. If you feel like your concerns about time are no longer an issue, then let’s talk about how 360 can work for you in 2019.

Email me 👏right 👏now: email Shep.


Effort: “My team is already overwhelmed”

Look man, I get it. I run a startup and I have my own creative side hustles. When your team is stretched to the limit, you don’t want that cool new idea to be the reason your big deliverable gets delayed.

Photo by  rawpixel  on  Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Thanks to my team, there’s epic news for you. In our system, clients only have to do two things:

  1. Send us the files/inspiration to begin

  2. Sign off on the finished product when we’re done.

Our in-house designers and strategists have experience working from an existing creative asset or brief, as well as generating our own concepts for clients. We all get together, pick the right idea, and then we create 360 content that is fun & exciting to explore while also being informative & compelling.

Because we’ve designed and tested so many different concepts in 360, we understand how people interact with the media format. This means we can deliver your message more effectively through the content we create.

The 360 designs we make are some of the first creations for web & social that are crafted and optimized based on first-hand insights.

Our UX is always improving as we test content with more audiences… if you started today without that pre-existing knowledge it would take you a looong time to figure out the best practices we’ve already discovered.

Here’s my 2 cents. It’s really worth it for you to start using experiential content in 2019, and it doesn’t have to be hard.

Just plug in with Beaumonde, where pretty much all the additional effort of new media marketing is off boarded to my team.

You get awesome content that is arguably a more effective marketing vehicle than anything else you’re creating, and you didn’t have to do any of the heavy lifting.

Ready to jam with me on why 360 content with Beaumonde is your smartest choice in 2019? Email me 👏right 👏now: email Shep.

Well cheers my people for making it to the end here.

I hope this was insightful for you. If you’re interested in working with Beaumonde in 2019, then you can reach out to me at with any more questions or concerns you may have. If you’re ready to work together and you want to learn more about getting started, I’m here for you. Let’s chat!

With our help your customers will really feel like your brand is innovative and fresh when they see this experiential content. If this is something you’re interested in trying out, I’d love to make it happen.

New media is seriously moving the needle for businesses out here. My goal is to make tapping this opportunity the EASIEST thing you do all year.

Peace out for now. ✌️