Reptaliens - VALIS 360 World Goes Live With Captured Tracks!

2019 has been a whirlwind already here at Beaumonde headquarters. We’re excited to announce that we just launched our latest project with big-time indie label Captured Tracks (!!!) for the release of VALIS by Reptaliens (Instagram). *slips Captured Tracks logo into portfolio*

Scroll down to see the 360 world embedded in this post. We designed and launched this unique interactive concept for them and supported their team with the creation of a specialized marketing strategy and some 2D content to activate the concept across web & social platforms.

[Shep’s side-note here: Captured Tracks has a dear place in my heart as the place where Mac Demarco’s career really took off! He’s one of my favorite musicians and he’s released several incredible albums through this label. 😍]

Enter Reptaliens VALIS 360 World

The 360 immersive website project is currently live at Fans who visit the site are treated to a gamified interactive experience that encourages them to explore the whole space. There are seven secrets hidden in the space… can you find them all?

Expect to find secret videos, fun GIFs, and special illustrations drawn by the band members.

VALIS will be out on Captured Tracks on April 26. For now, you’ll have to console yourself with lead single from the project, Shuggie II, and this awesome interactive web experience. :)

360° Immersive Website