⚔️ North Carolina's Battle Rap Scene Is Hyuge 🎤 - Battleground 8 Is This Saturday

Updated 7/6/2018

John Wilson aka SK The Novelist is a former Beaumonde intern, a talented rapper, and the current sovereign mind powering AVL Battle League - one of North Carolina's finest hip hop battle events. We talked to John about Battlegrounds 8, coming up tomorrow (April 21st).

First off, what is the upcoming hip hop event Battleground 8, (hosted by AVL - Battle League), and what can people expect when they attend?

Battleground 8 is a showcase of the variety within the hip hop genre. It’s got a backbone in acapella battle rap and infuses moments of live music performance. People should expect entertaining moments of competitive lyricism. We bring humor, intensity, and every other mood you can imagine.

Who will be performing at Battleground 8?

Check out our 360° flyer below (originally designed by the talented Anderson Burrus, translated into 360° courtesy of Beaumonde). We’ve got a lot of North Carolina talent on the bill, in terms of battle rap as well as live performances.

What role has the NC State Cypher & Cypher UniverCity played in the formation of this event?

The cypher provided the first wave of emcees that were used for the original battle card. On a personal level, the cypher provided me with a lot of creative insights and resources/people/artists to work with as the concept developed. It gave me a backdrop for my platform as it moved across different cities. Many of the cypher’s freestyle and acapella elements have leaked over into what the battle league is really about.


Public service announcement:

Beaumonde creates Interactive 360° album covers, takes 360° concert photography, and assembles marketing campaigns for Musicians.


How is Battleground 8 influencing and enhancing hip hop across North Carolina?

Battleground 8 is revisiting elements of a time when battle rap was at its most entertaining: the Grind Time era (2009-2011). Battle rap has become very saturated (and less entertaining than it maybe could be), but AVL is bringing back the elements of punchlines, jokes, and more - All the things that kept fans on their toes in the original cypher-esque format of battle rap.

John Wilson, aka SK The Novelist.

It seems like this is definitely bigger than just battle rap. Tell us a little about that.

It’s a special event because we incorporate live music at a high quality degree. There’s quality control across the board in terms of the music performances we put on. And of course that’s in addition to the awesome battles.

Hit our readers with your final thoughts.

Expect a very entertaining and interactive experience that’s pretty much a step beyond what any other battle event would have to offer.

Post event update:

The event was dope... I've linked the battles below. Check out this Beaumonde 360° shot from the center of the action! Go full screen and immerse yourself in this virtual reality rap battle.

Silhouette vs. DMT

Bankhead vs. Lavelle

Rainee the Rebel vs. Damage


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