Beaumonde announces big move to Austin, Texas!


Beaumonde is pleased to announced the next big step towards our bright future: moving to Austin, Texas!

Since completing the Creative Startups Accelerator in 2018, we’ve known that our innovative company solves a huge pain for experiential brands. Now, it’s time for us to make our move into an American epicenter for music, tech, and creativity, and put our value to work on a huge stage!

We’re extremely excited to be bringing our team and our vision to Austin. The city’s thriving ecosystem supports entrepreneurship, creativity, and technology in unique ways, and this is the perfect home for us as we continue shaping the future of interactive & immersive marketing.

Some of our incredible creative partners will remain as a strong foothold in Raleigh/Durham, NC, but our co-founder Shep Bryan looks forward to establishing our new headquarters in Austin and building a robust network of innovators and visionary collaborators. Raleigh NC has been a great home for our brand to develop and evolve. We thank the clients, friends, supporters, and collaborators who have made our time here so rewarding.

As Beaumonde prepares for this new chapter, we are also wishing our co-founder Caroline Caldwell the best as she officially transitions away from Beaumonde and begins a new role in Austin, Texas. Caroline’s career is ascending in exciting ways with this new position and we can’t wait to see her shine!

Our relocation to Austin will be complete by March 31st at the latest, and once finalized we will share an update with new office information.

With Caroline’s transition, all Beaumonde clients may now reach Shep Bryan as the primary point of contact. There will be no interruption of service or support, and this transition will ultimately allow us to deliver an even better offering to clients old and new.

Shep’s contact information can be found below:

Shep Bryan

For clients with any additional inquiries, please reach out to