Beaumonde + ScoreMore Shows: 360° Interactive Album Cover (Case Study)


Client: Trill Sammy (ScoreMore Shows + Interscope Records + Mad Love Records)

Project: Immersive album cover and marketing strategy for activating content on social.

Sammy wanted a tiny planet album cover for his debut release on Interscope, and we turned his idea into a world-first album art concept. We creatively directed this project and created both flat and 360° album covers, as well as a strategy for activating this content on Sammy’s website & social media.

The numbers in this study are from the first 70 days that this project was live, from Aug 15, 2018 to Oct 25, 2018.

Here is the immersive album cover we created for No Sleep:

To see the 360° world, fans visited Sammy’s website to access a mobile-friendly 360° website with clickable hotspots, easter eggs, and CTAs.

At one point, we even updated his site to include tour dates & links to respective ticket portals directly within the 360° world.

~Website Results~

With his 360° album cover doubling as his website, clicks and engagement rates soared. See below for more info.

Website Views: 10,200

  • High % of mobile visitors

Total Clicks: 1,814 Clicks (measured with Bitly)

  • Merch clicks: 1,060 (58% of total)

  • Music clicks: 566 (31% of total)

  • Social clicks: 188 (10% of total)

Engagement rate: 17.7%

Trill Sammy’s 360° album cover showing on mobile device.
  • A primary driver for Sammy’s web traffic & engagement in the 360 space came when his website was his link in bio on Instagram.


Interested in a pdf version of this blog? Download the Case Study Here.

~Social Results~

YouTube views to date: 15,900

We uploaded Trill Sammy’s 360° interactive album cover onto YouTube where fans can scroll around freely, with his music playing in the background.

More YouTube Stats:

  • 1,100 likes, (99.2% Like vs. Dislike)


In addition to YouTube, we also activated this content for Sammy on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The next 3 pictures share what fans online thought of the concept.



Trill Sammy’s No Sleep album cover in 360 degrees on Youtube


Trill Sammy’s No Sleep interactive album cover on Instagram, showing fan reactions and comments


Trill Sammy’s No Sleep 360° album cover release on his Twitter feed
People’s Twitter replies on Trill Sammy’s immersive album cover release.
Fans and their experience of Trill Sammy’s 360 degree universe on mobile.

That’s because this project was designed to easily meet fans online where they already spend time. No new apps. No crazy downloads. Just awesomeness.

With Beaumonde on your team, 360° creative can quickly become a dynamic and high-performing piece of your digital strategy. Engage more fans online with content that is interactive and experiential. Our expertise meant this ambitious project launched on time and on budget.

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