360° Photo Ads drive 4.1x ROI (Omnivirt Case Study)

This quick look shows how 360° Photo Ads drive over 410% ROI when compared to flat photo ads. Use interactive for advertising and see huge returns. You can also find our additional case studies in our website footer.

Insights From An Amazing Platform

Omnivirt, one of the leading ad platforms for delivering 360° VR content, has run 1000+ campaigns.

Their CEO, Brad Phaisan, was kind enough to share some large scale insights via this Medium post from November 2017. We've pulled out the most interesting information and shared it below. Additionally, since originally posting this blog in June 2018 we’ve added additional stats that highlight the power of 360° ads.

Eye-Catching Stats

While 360° VR content shows exciting lift in nearly every stat that a marketer could want to track, one insight was particularly eye-catching to our 360° ad team.

Credit to  Omnivirt . Sourced from  Medium .

Credit to Omnivirt. Sourced from Medium.

As you can see in this Omnivirt graphic, 360° photo ads have seen +300% click through rate and +410% conversion rates when measured against flat photo content. In terms of advertising with 360 vs 2D content, immersive media reigns supreme.

The graphic below was screengrabbed from Omnivirt’s homepage. These 360° ad units are really crushing it.

Source:  Omnivirt .

Source: Omnivirt.

The Ad Display Unit

If you’ve seen some Omnivirt demo ads, it’s easy to understand why this ad format is outperforming flat content by leaps and bounds.

Omnivirt’s ad delivery unit bounces the user around a 360° space, giving a quick sample followed by a slow pan.

Their demo ads aren’t necessarily hallmarks of incredible design, but they do the trick (and do it well enough to lift CTR and CVR by 3x and 4.1x respectively).

setting the benchmark

These statistics excite our team because they set a very clear benchmark for ad performance. Now the question is... what would it take to beat these numbers with your next campaign?

Credit to  Omnivirt . Sourced from  Medium .

Credit to Omnivirt. Sourced from Medium.

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