A Q&A for Commonly Asked Questions About 360° Content

From the immersive marketing minds @ Beaumonde:

We receive frequent questions about 360° content and how it functions in the world. Check out our list of FAQs below.


I’ve never seen something like this before. How does it work?

360° content is actually a lot like the traditional photo and video media you’re already used to. The main difference is that instead of limiting your view to the frame of your desktop or mobile screen, 360° content allows a viewer explore an immersive 360° space at their own pace.

Where can I share this 360 content?

You can share 360° content on your website and blog posts, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And while you can’t directly share 360° media in an email, you can simply use a URL or hyperlink to connect readers with the content.

Will sharing this content be hard?

For businesses, sharing 360° content is EASY. If you work with us to on a 360° project then we’ll give you a step-by-step action checklist that shows you how to quickly share this content with anyone on any device. For individuals, sharing 360° is also easy. It is as simple as clicking share, retweeting, or forwarding an email.

What is a 360° piece of content?

So I’m sure you’ve seen a 360° view on Google Street View, right? 360° content is created in a similar way, using either a 360° camera or creative editing software to design a 360° space.

Why would I want 360° content when traditional photo and video are so easily available?

This answer is easy. 360° content encourages active exploration and organic engagement, which explains why it regularly outperforms flat content in marketing campaigns by 5-15x. When someone sees a 360° concept it can even create a first person memory of the experience, (something that pretty much never happens with traditional content). With 360° content, you’ll see higher rates of click throughs, engagement, and sharing.

Do I need a VR Headset or Goggle to view this content?

360° content works great on social media, and integrates seamlessly with social ad campaigns.

360° content works great on social media, and integrates seamlessly with social ad campaigns.

No, you don’t need any special viewing gear. You can view our 360° content on desktop, on mobile phone, and basically anywhere you would see any traditional content across the web. However, there is the added benefit that this content can be viewed on VR Headsets if you would like the fully immersive experience with no extra hassle.

What kind of businesses is this kind of content good for?

Any business, individual or organization that has an experiential component to their business. Examples include a musician debuting an album, a hotel attracting new guests, a brewery selling a new beer, or an architectural firm showcasing their latest design. If your business has an awesome vision, we would love to hear about it because the chances are we can bring it to life in an awesome 360° experience.

Should we do 360° photos or 360° videos?

Great question! Both of these kinds of content outperform traditional content. However when it comes to choosing between the two there are two factors involved.

  1. What is the content about? Will video better showcase the subject matter than photo?

  2. We typically recommend photo before video because photo is easy for viewers to consume. Video can overwhelming in a 360° setting while 360° photos allow a new viewer to explore and interact with the content at their own pace.

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