25,000 Views Later - Our Top 360° Photos & VR Designs

beaumonde 25000 views of 360 photos.jpg

25000+ Views!


Since 2016, Beaumonde has been exploring creativity in immersive mediums. Yesterday, we cracked twenty five thousand views on our Kuula Profile (check us out!), and to commemorate we want to share some of the photos that have helped us reach this huge view count! Shep curated a collection of our best 360° shots. Have a look at them here.

Our portfolio of work includes all sorts of interesting & innovative applications of 360 degree photo and virtual reality content. Unlike many other creative companies working with 360 degree and VR content, we work almost exclusively with still images. 360 degree video is almost always a little too overwhelming as a marketing medium - folks don't know what they need to focus on when they're suddenly dropped into an entirely new virtual space. It makes it pretty hard to capture their attention with this type of immersive marketing or digitally experiential marketing. Over time, I think this problem will begin to resolve itself as more people become frequent VR users. For now, it takes an incredibly distilled storytelling process in VR/360° to tell the kind of story that a company is looking for with both short form and long form video content.

360 degree still images give us the opportunity to create immersive moments frozen in time - moments that can be viewed on a mobile device or desktop as a magic window (as well as through a VR headset). We think it's important to create an MVP (minimum viable product) of 360 content that meets users where they are - on their mobile devices. They're not walking around with VR headsets, but they have their phone with them everywhere they go. Hopefully, our portfolio of innovative 360/VR photos and designs will continue to grow through 2018 as people recognize the power of what we do as a marketing tool. 👍


Shep Bryan, Co-founder

Of Beaumonde's two co-founders, Shep is the musical one. He is an accomplished songwriter and music producer. He has shown a short film at the Cannes Film Festival, published a peer-reviewed article in the Journal of Arts Entrepreneurship Education, and wants you to follow him on Instagram.