Beaumonde's Top Tools for Art Entrepreneurs - Feb. 2018


Get ready for an awesome overview of the top tools we've spotted for artistic hustlers so far in 2018. This list is by no means exhaustive. I want it to be a quick reminder for you to check out these awesome tools! A lot of times when we find a cool app or tool, we say we'll come back to it but maybe we don't end up doing it. Here's your chance to try out a curated selection of truly valuable apps, marketplaces and more.

There are three sections of tools - tools that are good for anyone, tools for musicians, and tools for visual artists. By all means, check each one out regardless of your vocation - at the very least the tools on the other artist's list are fun to fiddle with. Cheers!

Great tools For Everyone:

Animoto - super easy video maker that allows you to drop in your own content to professional storyboards. Pay for an account to unlock 1080p video and unlimited monthly video creations.

Asana - awesome productivity tool for organizing projects like album releases, gallery events, and PR plans. Asana is like a to-do list on serious steroids. We use it for project management and our blog planning.

Canva - Easy-peasy graphics creator for social media, album covers, flyers, business cards, etc. Export to a variety of formats, play with a huge range of premade templates, and add brand assets for consistent use across all projects.

Envato - affordable marketplace for special creative graphics and elements. Great way to get strong results from a DIY project, or to use an existing template as a jump-off for your own ideas.

Envato Elements - access endless graphic layouts, fonts, mockups, posters, templates and more for only $29/month. This is maybe the greatest tool we've ever found for small creative teams.

Fiverr - cheap space for finding creative help in a variety of skill levels.

Hootsuite - social media publishing platform that allow you to schedule your posts out in advance... no more difficulty posting every day. Hootsuite recently added direct-to-Instagram publishing, which is a huge plus. Other alternatives include Buffer and Sprout Social.

Printful - super easy to use platform for setting up product/merch distribution for your music group, your personal brand, your business, or something else. Visual artists can use this to automate order fulfillment on a variety of decent quality print options - set up Printful with a website and your shop orders will automatically be filled, packaged, and shipped without you touching a thing. Musicians, you can use this to set up a merch shop on your website in a similar way. Printful offers some interesting clothing options that are suitable for printing your band's logo, as well as some swag merchandise.

Squarespace - in our opinion, this is the best platform for building sexy artist websites that look good on mobile AND desktop. Easy integrations with tons of essential tools that both musicians and artists can use to flourish with their business/career.



Distrokid* - Unlimited music distribution that is fast and affordable. Plans start at $19.99/yr and allow you to upload unlimited singles/albums to music platforms! I think this is so cool... As a prolific songwriter/producer, it's comforting to know that I don't have to worry about shelling out money for each release during a whole year.

LANDR - easy music mastering and distribution. Hard to compare it to the work of a real professional audio engineer, but it's absolutely worth noting as a tool that could be essential to a variety of musicians. Want a basic master that will boost your loudness on a demo track or a song idea? Pop your tune into LANDR and it will export a noticeably improved track in less than 5 minutes.

*For an exploration on all distribution channels, we recommend this epic blog post on Ari's Take comparing each platform.


Visual Artists:

Fine Art America - easy to use platform for selling visual art prints and originals. Probably the largest online art marketplace in the world - there are a TON of artists making a living entirely from their sales on this platform. Similar to Printful, minus the ability to completely integrate their fulfillment/dropshipping into your own website.

Fyuse - a "spatial photography" app that is an amazing resource for 3D artists. Think like a panorama that moves like a movie as you scroll through it. Show additional perspective on sculpture pieces or large-scale works by taking a Fyuse and walking around your work of art. Once complete, you can choose how you want to display your Fyuse - 1) use Fyuse's embed code to place an active, engaging Fyuse that viewers can scroll through on your website or blog posts. 2) Export your Fyuse as a short video that scrolls your content automatically back and forth. 3) Export your Fyuse as a perfectly looped GIF.

Fyuse example here featuring the work of Onicas Gaddis:

Shep Bryan, co-founder of Beaumonde Arts Agency

Shep Bryan, co-founder

Of Beaumonde's two co-founders, Shep is the musical one. He's extremely passionate about opening new doors for artists, and considers himself a snazzy songwriter and music producer. He has shown a short film at the Cannes Film Festival, published a peer-reviewed article in the Journal of Arts Entrepreneurship Education, and has racked up nearly one million custom Snapchat Geofilter views.