Interact With Luis Ardila's Finished Paintings On Fyuse

A few months ago, Beaumonde filmed with artist Luis Ardila to create a video for the NRCC Art Gala. Said video is available for your viewing here, and we hope you'll enjoy looking into the mind of this very talented artist. (He says that he likes to bring syncretism to life in his work.)

Additionally, we recently found a bunch of great Fyuses (interactive panoramas) that we took while visiting his studio. Here are some of the best! The first one should autoplay, but you can easily interact with the others using your mouse or your phone. Scroll through the image to see Luis's artwork in detail.

What do you think of Fyuse as a tool for artists to better share their work? Let us know in the comments below. Traditional sharing doesn't always do justice to the magnitude or intricacy of a finished piece. It's nice to have an easily shareable tool that gives a viewer the opportunity to interact and go a little deeper into the work.

- Shep