How To Reach 750,000 Local Prospects In Raleigh Using Facebook Messenger

In this post, find out what’s coming for Messenger and how businesses are already deploying Messenger Marketing strategies to grow relationships with customers.

Over 1 billion users are on Facebook Messenger around the world. That sounds like a lot, right? You still may be asking yourself... just how many of these people are local to my business? You'd be surprised to know how huge the number is.

I created a mock ad in Facebook with the Send To Messenger call to action. In the area surrounding Raleigh (a 10 mile radius), there are 750,000 available people to reach using this ad style. Looking at the stats and tweaking our targeting, we can see that over 300,000 are college graduates, and over 75,000 are making more than $100,000 per year.

If you haven't considered how this advertising tool could be a huge win for your business, it's time to start thinking. With the arrival of Facebook Zero, your business is officially getting zero traction on the Facebook News Feed if you arent paying for it. Facebook wants users to have more authentic interacitons with their peers, and if business is going to adapt to the new landscape, it needs to become much more conversational and personally engaging.

Messenger means cheaper leads for businesses.

Messenger means getting your feet set for the future of social media advertising.

Messenger means automating simple conversations with customers that add value and give them what they need quickly.

Want to tap Messenger as an innovative marketing channel? Let's chat.