Beaumonde Project Update

Hi everyone! Shep here from the B team.

We're working on a lot of amazing projects right now. Check 'em out below:

A legendary concert photographer with the largest color concert photo collection in the world. Don's unbelievable catalog has been hiding quietly in Raleigh for the last ten years, and now with help from Beaumonde it's sprinting back towards the spotlight. We're hard at work rebranding, building him a website, creating a new business model, and more! Don's had an amazing career as a photographer and has now tapped Beaumonde to help steward his work into the digital age.

don lawver portrait.jpg

Don shows off his backstage passes as Jason Wolonick films

In a world that is short on lady gurus, Tomi Llama is a powerful figure in leadership & personal development. Dr. Tomi Bryan, aka Tomi Llama, is an author, public speaker, and life coach. Beaumonde is designing a brand, book release campaign, and sweet merch for Tomi that collectively embodies her sense of wisdom and cheeky irreverence. We just finished a recording session for the audio component of her book. Check out the recap here.

Tomi Llama - Author, Public Speaker - Audiobook Recording in Greensboro NC (4).jpg


Our team is perpetually fired up about the opportunities that 360° content offers for story telling, brand building, and good ole-fashioned mind boggling. Upcoming work includes groundbreaking virtual tours for the Gregg Museum of Art & Design and the band N'Kogniito. We are inventing new incredible applications of immersive media for the art world.


We've been blowing the top off of Snapchat geofilter campaigns since April 2017. We've helped artists, arts organizations, and creative businesses reach hundreds of thousands of app users across the US with innovative experiential content. A unique and cost-effective solution for visibility and brand awareness, our team continues to explore unprecedented applications of this platform for marketing and brand building.


This company was founded on a shared passion for helping artists. As our projects grow in scale and impact, we are creating a new way for Beaumonde to continue offering our help and expertise to all levels of artists and creatives around the world. Our Come Up Kits are creative business toolkits designed to help people streamline creative workflows, saving precious time on mundane tasks that can be reallocated into MAKING ART.