The 1 Facebook Group You Need To Join In 2018. (Free Strategic Resources For The Creative Hustler)

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The year has turned a new leaf once again in the season of resolutions where we strive to make changes. Isn’t time a flash: already a full month of 2018 nearly passed!? Whether to be a better person in a general sense or to achieve a specific goal (in business, in fitness, or in art), there is something about New Years that to many is a source of motivation and opportunity. At Beaumonde that motivation and opportunity is to "come up" and to help others come up. But what does that mean and what does it look like? The old American up from the bootstraps idea of self- and communal-transformation through hard work is what we echo here, although instead of horses and the iron railways (to make no comment on what it means to be a cowboy and definitions of strength, empire, and masculinity) our methods for achieving growth manifest in more modern streams. We at Beaumonde have recently created what we call the “Come-Up Community” group on Facebook. It is, quite simply, a digital knowledge hub where creatives, artists across disciplines, entrepreneurs and artistic business peoples, and others can be together on the same literal page in order to share information, discover new tools, to build collaborations, and to be a part of an experience.

 Get the tools you need to finish off those projects!

Get the tools you need to finish off those projects!

Whether as artists or creators of some marketable value as a whole, spending long hours (often in solitude) creating something that is to communicate with both arts or business patrons and fellow artists and creators can feel slightly isolating and at once paradoxical. While there is no direct or even necessary solution to this, having a tie to a community of likeminded individuals can help immensely. Our Come-Up Community provides a consistent opportunity for interaction with fellow creatives. And as this community exists in the digital realm, a modernized version of ye old square in town’s marble center in ancient Greece where rhetors & thinkers gathered, there is the element now of preservation. It may be obvious enough, but having an archive of past conversations and previous posts allows for more fluid and in-depth knowledge retention in a realm so continually updating.

Accompanying this Facebook Come-Up Community is a series of resources, currently in two parts, titled the Come-Up Kit, with its purpose being to help group members aka creative professionals and artists to better optimize productivity and manage time. Our commitment with these Kits is to help get artists and professionals the tools they need, to figure out what those tools are in the first place and then how they can be refined.

Now is no time to think of what you do not have. Think of what you can do with what there is.
— Ernest Hemingway

While the technologies and digital tools we include (from Adobe Illustrator to Snapchat to Wix) are at times familiar, the Come-Up Kit offers this comprehensive list with explanations as to how the tools operate, why they work, and for whom they are most relevant. With such an overwhelming amount of information on the internet it can be tricky to distinguish the true gold from gimmicky mirage coins. Having a guide to this all can help immensely. Figuring out what the distinguishing traits are from a list of website-creation platforms, for example, (Wix, Weebly, Strikingly, Squarespace, etc.) can be a challenge; while all we include in the Kit will offer users authentic content, there are still many details to consider (and with the amount of work that goes into creating a website having a slightly ill-fitting tool can be frustrating).

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Building a brand or a website or a marketing campaign or whatever it is you wish to do, as an artist or otherwise, requires not just focus and skill but time. The resources listed and explained, given context, and juxtaposed in the Come-Up Kit are meant to streamline processes in whatever field relevant. Whether something simple like designing business cards or more elaborate like setting up an online gallery for paintings and selling them online, our Kit is meant to help you achieve your goals as efficiently as possible without sacrificing quality. And sometimes that means turning to trusted peers for assistance. 

Whether you choose Beaumonde directly (see: Artist Services) or hold interest in networking with other creative professionals and artists, our Come-Up Kit and Facebook Community offer an opportunity to interact with new people, to enhance what you already know, to share, and to most of all have fun in the process. It is an invitation. If you wish to be a part of our....

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Andrew Cheek

Andrew Cheek is the Head Writer and Content Coordinator at Beaumonde. With a background in literature and film, and a taste for half-marathons and Kandinsky, Andrew’s inspirations range from Virginia Woolf to Wes Anderson to Adidas running shoes. You can find Andrew on Twitter and LinkedIn.