📖 Tomi Llama's "What's Your Superpower?" Launch Party!

When is the last time you interacted with a llama on social media? Or in person, for that matter? If you haven’t marked it on your calendar already, lady-guru and author of What’s Your Superpower? Dr. Tomi Bryan aka Tomi Llama will be hosting a launch party for her new book THIS Saturday, December 2nd, at Divine Llama Vineyards. (And yes, there will be llamas there!) Whether you are interested in attending in person or tuning into the Facebook Live stream, you are hereby cordially invited to join Tomi Llama and the Beaumonde crew at the launch party on Saturday. Tickets are on sale now for in-person attendance to the vineyard (with option to ride to the event via party bus). Attendees receive a copy of Tomi’s new book. Free tickets are also available for those wishing to join us virtually through Facebook Live. Click here for more information!

The Facebook Live Event:

Between 1:50 and 2 p.m. (EST) we will be coming to you live for ten minutes from the party bus to welcome everyone and explain how the rest of the event will unfold. Tomi’s son Warren will also be in attendance telling jokes (mostly llama-themed). Tomi will also be sharing a special code for a gift-box prize and this code will be only be available live…! Further questions may be directed to RoboLlama, a virtual Llama glama and quasi-AI correspondent for all things Tomi Llama/What’s Your Superpower? 

Around 3:15 p.m. (EST) we will be broadcasting live once again though this time from Divine Llama Vineyards. Events to transpire include (but are not limited to):

Tomi Llama discussing her book with a real llama

Shep, her son and co-founder/CEO of Beaumonde, performing an original vocal composition about llamas

Trivia games

A special gift pack code announcement. The first three responses receive this special gift pack… simply message the code to the one and only RoboLlama for a chance to win.

            So come on down and step right up and tune-in, turn-on, and get your llama on with Beaumonde this Saturday, December 2nd, for the official launch party of Tomi Llama’s exciting new book What’s Your Superpower? For information regarding event sign-up/ticketing, times, more details, and/or directions to Divine Llama Vineyards (if you are attending in person) visit the Facebook page here. To learn more about Tomi Llama visit her Facebook page or her website