Experience Hopscotch Music Festival 2017 - Virtual Tour

This year's Hopscotch Music Festival was one to remember. 

The 2017 Hopscotch lineup featured some heavyweight acts across a number of genres, and fans were excited to rock out with their favorite bands.

If you couldn't make it - don't worry! We captured almost every major performance at the festival in 360° so the festival experience could live on beyond Sept. 7-10. In fact, during the making of this tour we attended more performances than even the most dedicated festival-goer could manage. Thanks to this Beaumonde virtual festival experience, 2017 Hopscotch attendees can relive the amazing experience, next year's attendees can start getting hyped up, and superfans who missed out can finally satisfy their FOMO. 


Click into the tour to begin. Click and drag to navigate the tour on desktop. For mobile, drag with your finger or move your phone around. Some photos have audio, so be sure your volume is turned up.


The one act we weren't able to capture in 360° was Solange, who unfortunately restricted media access to her performance at Red Hat Amphitheater.

Want a virtual experience like this for your festival or event? Give us a poke on Facebook or Instagram and start the conversation. You can also see more of our work here, if interested. We are currently looking for a large project that will allow the incorporation of custom artwork by an acclaimed digital artist. 

Scroll down for more immersive captures at Hopscotch!

#1) Red Hat Amphitheater - Run The Jewels Enters to "We Are The Champions" by Queen

#2) The Basement - Kaytranada Light Show

#3) The Basement - Lee Fields & The Expressions Front Row Seat