About Beaumonde

Beaumonde is an interactive marketing consultancy and creative studio. We help brands create digital playgrounds that tell interactive stories for any audience. Our digital playgrounds come in the form of brand stories, unique marketing campaigns and fresh content experiences.

We have worked with clients across many industries. The one thing that united them all - the need to tell their brand’s story in exciting new ways. For the past three years we have developed strategies aimed at:

  • Increasing revenues in sustainable ways

  • Telling authentic brand stories online

  • Reaching new audiences using emerging technologies

As business owners, we understand that you want to grow your company. There are a million ways to market what you offer, but it can be hard to choose the winning strategy for your unique business. At Beaumonde, your needs are our priority. Our vision is to provide the following to every client we work with:

  • Strategic partnership in choosing a winning marketing strategy

  • An opportunity to turn a brand into a playground

  • New tools and technique for building deeper connections with your audience

  • A pathway into a more beautiful world of experiential marketing


brands & industries we love to work with:

Musicians and Record Labels

Entertainment and Festivals

Travel, Tourism and Hospitality

Breweries and Restaurants

Luxury Retail

Cultural Organizations


OUR Purpose

To be a guiding force for individuals, organizations, and businesses as they adopt immersive and interactive technologies into their marketing strategies.

OUR Vision

To change the way people experience and engage with brands, products, and organizations. We do this by consistently exceeding boundaries with groundbreaking immersive experiences that inherently change the way people can now interact.


For Beaumonde to delight fans, visitors and customers online all over the globe with more impactful and fun online content experiences.

Illustrations by Matt Causey

Illustrations by Matt Causey

Meet Our Team!

We are dedicated to sharing brand stories with ground-breaking panache. Our work is powered by a philosophy that our team lives and breathes: Fearlessly Creative.

Shep Bryan | Co-Founder | Singer-Songwriter

Shep Bryan | Co-Founder | Singer-Songwriter

Caroline Caldwell | Co-Founder | Visual Media Artist

Caroline Caldwell | Co-Founder | Visual Media Artist

Beaumonde is proudly based in Raleigh, NC.

Beaumonde is proudly based in Raleigh, NC.

This is a  360 photograph .

This is a 360 photograph.

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You ain't seen nothing like Beaumonde before. We're mad scientists of experiential marketing and we push the boundaries of social media advertising with every campaign.