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+1300% increase in mobile clickthrough rates

8.8% click-through rates on social ads

+800% increase in organic sharing



Advertising Services

All packages are powered by Beaumonde’s leading immersive marketing insights and include bespoke marketing strategy for the channel(s) of choice and custom branded graphic design.


🥉 Gettin' started 🥉


One piece of VR 360° content (single custom ad)

One managed ad campaign (up to 1 month duration, up to $1500 ad spend)

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🥈 Pretty Solid 🥈


Three pieces of VR 360° content (single custom ad)

One managed ad campaign (up to 3 month duration, up to $8000 ad spend)

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🥇 The Champ 🥇


Custom suite of VR 360° content

Custom managed ad campaign (custom duration and ad spend)

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other Marketing Solutions

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What are 360° VR ads?

Virtual Reality content yields valuable results in demanding social ad campaigns. Beaumonde creates 360° photo virtual tours, virtual album covers, fan experiences, and brand activations so that our clients can sell more tickets, gain more fans, and build awareness that converts online.

The EXperience Economy

As millennial spending on experiences increases every year, marketing campaigns for these experiences must adapt to stand out online. Additionally, it's becoming more important than ever to bridge the in person experience with what potential fans and customers are seeing online. That's where Beaumonde comes in. We create immersive and interactive content tailored to our clients experience then manage the ad distribution to create the best results. 


Some trends to pay attention to

The global VR/AR content market grew 72% last year, reaching $3 billion.

Social Advertising is expected to grow from $27b to $39b in 2019. 

VR ad platform Omnivirt has already seen a +1300% increase in mobile clickthrough rates when using immersive ads

Beaumonde hip-hop event client saw +800% increase in organic sharing on Facebook with our content

Raleigh rap group had 8.8% click-through rates on the content we made for them, vs. industry averages of between 0.1% and 1.5%

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