About sidekick


About sidekick

Sidekick helps artists make more money with their work. Originally created with visual artists and photographers in mind, Sidekick is a supercharged website package for artists, managed by Beaumonde. Our team sets artists up with an e-commerce store that is then given a little bit of rocket fuel by our friends at @Printhouse, and voila! Artists can now sell museum-quality reproductions of their work on canvas, fine art paper, and photo paper with custom branded packaging, and ship to anywhere in the world.  

We want to make Sidekick an amazing resource for artists. Print companies take 85% on the sale of your art and give you a paltry 15%. We don't play like that. With Sidekick, we tap your art business into a strategic partnership where YOU keep 85% and we only get 15%.

About Beaumonde

Founded in 2015 by Shep Bryan and Caroline Caldwell, Beaumonde is a special company exploring how modern technology can be applied in the arts.  Our work empowers artists to excite and engage new markets, look better online, and make more money.