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We’re a stampede of unicorns

And this is how we roll:

Beaumonde is a small team of very talented people working to make a difference for things we deeply care about. We all wear multiple hats, giving us a creative breadth and depth that yields results our clients can’t find anywhere else.

Our team and our group of partners has worked with brands of all sizes, so we understand what it means to be flexible and meet clients where they are at.

Our clients and our team have a shared passion for changing the world. Whether it’s moving the needle for big brand creative campaigns or revitalizing high-octane solo consultancies, we strive to be the difference-maker.

Through our work we are building a more beautiful world - hence the inspiration behind our name, Beaumonde. We hope you’ll join us!

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The Beautiful World Mantras

  1. Be Authentic

  2. Spark delight.

  3. Trust the process.

  4. Respect the human.

  5. Deliver incredible work.

  6. Never stop growing.

Beaumonde Geodesic Sphere - Purple.png

Our founders

Shep Bryan, Beaumonde Co-founder and Chief Strategist.jpg

Shep Bryan | Chief Strategist + Co-founder

Caroline  Caldwell, Co-founder and Advisor / CMO.jpg

Caroline Caldwell | Advisor + Co-founder

At our core we’re obsessed.

Obsessed with the power of a good, engaging story. Obsessed with leaving things better than we found them. Obsessed with helping our clients succeed. Obsessed with beating our own high score.

We’re a perpetual motion machine of crazy ideas, and we root our work in a desire to generate major results & real impact.

We’re forever evolving.

Since 2015 our company has grown rapidly thanks to our expanding disciplines, skills, and partner network. What began as a pretty straightforward creative agency quickly pushed into new realms as we realized shared passions for interactive and immersive media. See our previous statement about obsession. We even bring these cutting-edge skills into unexpected markets, giving entrepreneurs in mature industries a new way to slice through the noise.

We are originators of the new and ground-breaking.

We believe in doing things differently, but we also believe in making the right choices. As we innovate for clients, their bottom line and their growth opportunities are omnipresent in our minds. Your mission becomes our mission, and these shared passions elevate both our intentions and our execution.

We handpick our global network of partners for their legendary work. They are independent creators who each have an incredible vision and unique set of skills. Through collaborations like these we can continue to deliver work that stands tall against a backdrop of cookie-cutter content and campaigns.


At the end of the day…

We believe in being different.

We believe in doing what’s right.

We believe in achieving our wildest dreams.

And we believe in you.