About Us


About Beaumonde

Founded in 2015, Beaumonde is a team of visionary young arts marketing minds led by Shep Bryan and Caroline Caldwell. We create special solutions for unique problems we see in the arts & entertainment market.

In a nutshell, our job is to explore how things play out at the intersections of art, marketing, and entrepreneurship. We find and create innovative ways to improve branding & marketing in the arts.  Our work empowers you to excite and engage new markets, look better online, and make more money. 

Here is a bit of our resume:

  • 200 hours of arts marketing advice given
  • 25 pieces in our art collection
  • 15 documents designed for clients
  • 8 stories told via arts marketing videos
  • 8 side hustles jumpstarted
  • 5 sets of marketing materials designed for clients
  • 5 full-time artists rebranded and revitalized online
  • 3 art businesses re-invented online
  • 3 interns currently at Beaumonde
  • 2 leadership professionals rebranded and revitalized online
  • 1 gallery website re-envisioned + 1 collection digitized
  • 1 book tour and marketing plan created for an author / public speaker
  • Short film screened at Cannes Film Festival 2014